Today on TRUECRIME, we had Josh Marquis from Astoria, Oregon on the show to discuss the recent rise of docu-dramas. Josh has been a prosecutor for almost 20 years and always brings with him an interesting show. Ray the DA, Jack Pattie and Josh joined us today to discuss docu-dramas and their impact on how the public views the criminal justice system.

Most of us are familiar with the Netflix series Making a Murderer. The series follows a murder case out of
Wisconsin involving a man named Steven Avery. Because this show was so talked about and received such high ratings, other networks are jumping on the band wagon and  making other docu-dramas about well-publicized criminal cases.

The “Crime of the Century” involving OJ Simpson and the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman occurred over 22 years ago. Recently, there was a docu-drama released regarding what happened during this case.  Fortunately, this docu-drama was a pretty accurate depiction of this trial. Other docu-dramas portray the criminal justice system in a pretty negative light but this one showed what a huge miscarriage of justice it was for OJ Simpson to found not guilty of murder.

There is talk of a  docu-drama coming out about JonBenét Ramsey and Casey Anthony. As Josh Marquis says, and we would have to agree, “murder is not and should not be entertainment.” Hopefully, instead of being dramatized for the benefit of viewers, it will  shine light onto the case and give viewers a chance to have a better understanding and respect for the criminal justice system.

If you would like to listen to the entire episode of TRUECRIME, you can click the link below. Thanks for tuning in, see you next week on TRUECRIME!

Tomorrow on TRUECRIME with Ray the DA & Jack Pattie, we will have a special guest all the way from Oregon,200px-Marquisj Josh Marquis. Josh is a prosecutor in Clatsop County, Oregon and has been a guest on TRUECRIME many times; always promising an interesting show.

This week Ray the DA, Jack Pattie and Josh Marquis will be discussing the conflict between pop culture and the reality of criminal justice. Docu-dramas are beginning to take over the way that criminal justice is handled.

The most notorius docu-drama cases are JonBenet Ramsey; Casey Anthony; OJ Simpson; and Steven Avery. Television networks are all scrambling to produce these docu-dramas but what exactly does it mean for the way the cases are prosecuted?

Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at 9AM to WVLK 590AM to listen to the entire show!

See you in the morning Crime-Fighters!!

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