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Welcome to the Official Website of the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 22nd Judicial Circuit. Our office prosecutes felony cases which occur in Fayette County, the state’s second most populated county with more than 321,959 residents (2017). These cases include homicide, robbery, assault, burglary, sexual assault, theft, drug crime, and many others. The cases we prosecute are investigated and brought to us by peace officers, primarily the Lexington Police Department.

We believe in Fairness in Prosecution, Responsibility for Violations of the Law, and Rights for Victims.

The role of the prosecutor is unique. The prosecutor must Protect the Rights of Victims as guaranteed by the Kentucky Crime Victim Bill of Rights, Protect the Constitutional Rights Of Defendants, and to Protect the Rights of Citizens to be Safe in their Community.

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Palmore described the role of the Commonwealth’s Attorney like this:

“One of the finest offices the public can give to a member of the legal profession in this state is that of Commonwealth’s Attorney. Its very status becomes a mantle of power and respect to the wearer. Though few are apt to wear it lightly, some forget, or apparently never learn, to wear it humbly. No one except for the judge himself (or herself) is under a stricter obligation to see that every defendant receives a fair trial, a trial in accordance with the law, which means the law as laid down by the duly constituted authorities, and not as the prosecuting attorney may think it ought to be.” Niemeyer v. Commonwealth.

Likewise, the prosecutor must ensure that crime victims receive the help they need to navigate the confusion of the criminal justice system – this office actively works to keep crime victims informed and we strive to help them find resources to get their lives back on track.

Our website contains information about the court system, court decisions, programs, various services provided by our office, as well as other helping-agencies in our community. You are welcome to tell us how we may make this website more helpful and informational. Thank you for visiting and we hope you will return as we continue to report criminal justice news.

Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office 859-246-2060
Child Abuse Hotline 1-877-KYSAFE1
Lexington Police Department 859-258-3600
Fayette County Sheriff’s Office 859-252-1771
Fayette Circuit Court Clerk’s Office 859-246-2224
Fayette District Court Clerk’s Office 859-246-2228
Fayette County Probation and Parole 859-246-2177
Fayette County Attorney’s Office 859-254-4941
Children’s Advocacy Center 859-225-5437
Register for V.I.N.E 800-511-1670
DPA Fayette County (North) 859-258-2377
DPA Fayette County (South) 859-246-2906
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