From the Riveting World of Modern Super Heroes, Meet Our Prosecutor- Dan Laren

danDan Laren was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in Michigan. After an honorable discharge from the United States Army Military Police Corps he earned a degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. He graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1996 and was a prosecutor in Paintsville, Kentucky before joining the staff of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office in Lexington in 1997. His focus is on the investigation and prosecution of burglary cases.



By Intern Paige Fetters

PAIGEEach week on & Raytheda face book page, Ray gives the weekly WHAC-A-MOLE Video Report on persistent felony offenders in Fayette County.

As someone with very little broadcasting knowledge and is camera shy, I thought shooting a video, editing, and uploading it to multiple media sites would take hours. However, with Ray’s expertise in front of a camera and Blerina’s knack for editing, the process from start to finish took about 10 minutes.

Ray had the repeat offender statistics he needed for the report. We went in to the LPN (Lexington Prosecutor News) studio. The studio itself nothing more than a green sheet hung on the wall for the green screen, and a Mac computer used for the editing and uploading. Blerina shot the video on a small hand-held video camera that can be plugged directly into the Mac and uploads it to the Mac.  Blerina then deletes the old video from the website and uploads the new video. The music and background animation playing during the video are already saved so the only thing that has to change is the video itself.

blerinaBlerina already has a lot of experience for editing videos so she breezed through the process of making sure the music and animation played, the sound was consistent, and that the lighting was bright enough for different parts of the video. She edited small sections out of the beginning and end when Ray was not speaking and replaced them with the WHAC-A-MOLE image.

There are files already saved on the Mac for the specific content for the web site. Once Blerina finished editing the video, she uploaded the video to the top of the  website.  She also uploaded the video to YouTube and to Face book. It was very interesting to see the execution of the video and how quickly it can be completed.


We will have Ray the DA, Jack Pattie and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Dan Laren on the show!

We will be featuring elected prosecutors who won’t allow their assistants to own firearms, bank robbers who are caught because of what they post online of themselves regarding the crime, criminals who fall the through the roof during the crime and get stuck- only to be “rescued” by the police… these are just some of the examples of the “Darwin Awards” that are handed out!

You can’t make this S#I! up! Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at 9AM on WVLK 590AM.



Posted by Bill Otis

The title of this post is taken from Debra Saunders’ spot-on and mind-bendingly ironic column in today’s SF Gate. As Ms. Saunders notes:

California has a new Death Row — it’s called Virginia. Death penalty opponents, federal judges and defense attorneys have been so successful at blocking capital punishment in California that a San Quentin Death Row inmate has more to fear from being extradited for a capital murder to another state than seeing his sentence carried out here. There has been no execution in California since a federal judge effectively halted the practice in 2006.

There is undoubtedly someone more deserving of execution than the killer facing his imminent punishment in Virginia, but it’s hard to think of one off-hand:

Take serial killer Alfredo Prieto. In 2005, Prieto was on San Quentin’s Death Row for the 1990 rape and murder of 15-year-old Yvette Woodruff in Riverside County, when DNA evidence linked him to three 1988 murders in Virginia.

Under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California sent Prieto to Virginia, where killers sentenced to death actually face the likelihood of execution. (Authorities say evidence links Prieto to nine murders.)

In 2010, a Virginia jury sentenced Prieto to death for the murder of Rachel Raver and Warren Fulton, both 22. Prieto is scheduled for lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Virginia Thursday night.

Just 13 inmates have been executed in California since the death penalty resumed in 1978. Prieto will become the second√ California Death Row prisoner to be executed in another state.

We will probably never know how many innocent people are dead because Prieto wasn’t executed before now.


Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that he will not intervene in the scheduled execution of a convicted serial murderer, allowing the execution to move forward this week.

Tom Jackman of the prietoWashington Post reports that 49-year-old ALFREDO PRIETO received two death sentences in 2010 for the 1988 murderers of Rachel Raver and Warren Fulton III, and was also linked by DNA to another Northern Virginia murder that occurred that same year.

It is believed Prieto committed nine murders between 1988 and 1990. He received a death sentence in California for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. Prieto’s defense lawyers claimed he was mentally retarded in his 2007 and 2008 trials in an effort convince the juries to spare his life, but the juries in both trials convicted him of capital murder. He faces death by lethal injection Thursday night.

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