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On American DA Live we will be discussing the topic of Domestic Violence.  October is Domestic Violence awareness month and we will have Teri Faragher, the director of the Domestic Violence prevention board (DVPB), as our guest. We will also have Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Kathy Phillips who specializes in the prosecution of domestic violence cases and victim’s advocate Robin Anderson who deals with cases pertaining to the same issues.  We will be talking about a serious cases dealing with Domestic Violence, CW vs. Alejandro Garcia.  Discussions about how our community responds to these issues and how this is a timely topic based on national publicity of the NFL scandals.

Alejandro Garcia was charged with two counts of Assault 1st Degree of two female victims.  The defendant was asleep in bed with his girlfriend and awoke and started to stab the victim multiple times.  The victim’s sister was asleep on the couch and woke to her sister screaming, she ran in to see what was happening. She tried to run for help and the defendant starting stabbing her also severely injuring her.  Both female victims lay where they were until the defendant left the apartment.  When he left one of the victims called 911 and while on the phone the defendant tried to enter back in the apartment but fled before the police arrived on the scene.

This case went to trial in October of 2013 and after one day of testimony the defendant decided he wanted to plead guilty.  On October 3rd the defendant plead to two counts of Assault 1st Degree a recommendation of 20 years on each count to run Consecutively.  On November 1st, 2013 the defendant Alejandro Garcia was sentenced to 20 years on each and the Judge ran them Consecutively for a total of 40 years in prison.  Due to some complications from the assault one of the victims later passed away in early August 2014.

Defendant: Alejandro Garcia

Defendant: Alejandro Garcia

DVPB director: Terry Faragher

DVPB Director: Terry Faragher


Prosecutor: Kathy Phillips

Prosecutor: Kathy Phillips

Victim's Advocate: Robin Anderson

Victim’s Advocate: Robin Anderson


1. 63% of Criminals Were Probated!

2. 54% of Probation Violators Were Re-Probated






PECOS, Texas (AP) – A Texan has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing Social Security benefits meant for her father whose body was found in a storage unit in Kentucky.

In addition to the maximum prison sentence allowed in the case, Judith Maria Broughton of Terlingua must repay $245,000 in benefits stolen since her father’s 1990 death, and will also be placed under supervised release for a period of three years after she’s out of prison.

Prosecutors say the daughter leased a unit in Lexington to conceal the death of Luther Broughton. His mummified remains were located at Econo Self Storage off Winchester Road in Lexington on Jan. 8. Officials say his vehicle was also being hidden in the storage unit.

At last check, the Fayette County Coroner’s Office said in June the cause and manner of death are listed as “undetermined” as they wait for the results of toxicology tests.

Broughton in July pleaded guilty to willfully and knowingly stealing Social Security benefits. Broughton, who was sentenced Friday in Pecos, shared an account with her father. The benefits were deposited electronically.

Authorities are trying to locate her mother, Mary Elizabeth Broughton, who hasn’t been since or heard of since early March and whose benefits were also deposited into an account with her daughter.

“We’re very suspicious of her disappearance. Not that she, you know, was hurt or harmed, but maybe her body was disposed of,” said Brewster County Sheriff Ronnie Dodson back in June when officialssearched to a property in Brewster County where mother and daughter apparently lived.

Prosecutors on Monday said the mother’s benefits are suspended.

“She hasn’t surfaced needing money or anything. So since no one has seen her, no family members,no body in your area, we do suspect that she is missing. And at her age, the last time I saw her, could be deceased, and we’re just looking for a body,” said Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson.

Documents obtained by LEX 18 shows Judith Broughton apparently owned property in Anderson and Clark counties where she once lived years ago, and also had P.O. boxes there.


PHOENIX (AP) — Jurors in Phoenix will once again be asked to decide whether Jodi Arias should be executed for the gruesome murder of her former boyfriend.

Lawyers are expected to make opening statements Tuesday at the sentencing retrial, more than a year after a jury found her guilty of killing Travis Alexander in June 2008. The first jury deadlocked on whether to sentence her to life imprisonment or death.

A new jury that was picked over the past several weeks will be sworn in as the former waitress tries to make another case that her life should be spared. They won’t consider whether or not she’s guilty – that’s already been decided.

The retrial is expected to last into December.

Here are five things to know about the case:


Arias stabbed and slashed Alexander nearly 30 times, slit his throat so deeply she nearly decapitated him and shot him in the forehead. She left his body in his shower where friends found him about five days later at his suburban Phoenix home.

She acknowledged she killed Alexander, but claimed it was self-defense after he attacked her. Prosecutors said it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage after the victim wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman.


Weeks after Arias was convicted, the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision on her punishment. Her attorneys have since sought, unsuccessfully, to dismiss the death penalty as an option.

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Nasheed sat in the middle of the street and wouldn’t move. The police requested her to move repeatedly. She wouldn’t and didn’t. That will get anyone arrested.
So police cuffed her and took her away.

Jamilah Nasheed, state senator from Missouri’s District 5, wants Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson prosecuted, never mind the formalities of a grand jury investigation. She is possessed of knowledge so vast (after all, she has a G.E.D diploma) that it dwarfs the evidence-gathering power of a mere grand jury proceeding. And if she doesn’t get her way, she has threatened riots.

“If you should decide not to indict this police officer, the rioting we witnessed this past week will seem like a picnic compared to the havoc that will likely occur.”

Last night, the omniscient Senator Nasheed got herself arrested. Jim Hoff ofGateway Pundit reports:

 On Monday radical far left Missouri Democrat Jamilah Nasheed was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri.

Police have just arrested State Senator Jamilah Nasheed of the 5th District, Saint Louis, MO #FergusonOctober

Oakley Fullwood (@OakleyFullwood)October 21, 2014

Nasheed sat in the street and wouldn’t move.
Via Twitchy:

So police cuffed her and took her away.


Rachel Craig, 28, was found guilty last week of stealing a nude picture of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and posting it online.



A Virginia woman is the first to be convicted under the state’s new revenge pornography law.

Rachel Craig, 28, from Waynesboro, was found guilty last week of stealing a nude picture of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and posting it online.

The “Unlawful Dissemination or Sale of Images of Another” law was enacted this summer. Its passage made posting online naked pictures or videos of other people without permission a crime.

Craig admitted stealing the picture from a 22-year-old woman’s phone and posting it to Facebook, police toldWVIR.

The act was considered a crime because of the harm caused when others saw it, according to the station.

Police told WVIR it was a hard case to prove.

“That was one thing we really had to establish,” said Waynesboro Police Sergeant Brian Edwards. “What was the intent of Ms. Craig for posting this?

“She considered the victim a romantic rival for this one individual’s affections and she said that she did it out of anger.”

A jury found Craig guilty of the Class 1 Misdemeanor.

Craig posted to Facebook last month: “I wish you could fall outta [sic] love with someone as fast as u [sic] fell in love with them.”

She is very active on Facebook, making several post a day, and appears to have a couple children, based on pictures posted to her profile.

Alaska, California, Idaho, New Jersey, Texas and Utah all have similar laws banning revenge porn.

The scorned woman faces up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.


OSCAR PISTORIUS SENTENCED TO 5 YEARS FOR KILLING GIRLFRIEND (May be eligible for “house Arrest in 10 months!!!!!)

JOHANNESBURG — South African Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to prison for five years Tuesday for the 2013 killing of his girlfriend, less than half the time he could have received following his manslaughter conviction last month.

Judge Thokozile Masipa said a long sentence would show a lack of mercy toward Pistorius, known as the “Blade Runner” for racing on prosthetic legs. She suspended a separate three-year sentence for an unrelated firearms charge.

Barry Roux, Pistorius’ lawyer, said his client could be released after 10 months to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest.

Pistorius could have received up to 15 years in prison for shooting model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day 2013 in his home. The case has brought global attention to the 27-year-old double-amputee.

The judge, ruling in place of a jury, found Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide — the equivalent of manslaughter — for killing Steenkamp, 29, after shooting her through a bathroom door. She acquitted him of murder.


Kentucky Death Row Inmate Appeals To Supreme Court

Of course this killer who murdered 6 people is appealing his case. Our Supreme Court refuses to limit the never-ending frivolous appeals of these characters.

EDDYVILLE, Ky. (AP) – The most prolific killer in Kentucky’s death row is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to allow him to reopen his case and overturn his convictions and death sentence.

Prosecutors have until Nov. 10 to respond to a petition from 58-year-old Robert Carl Foley, who is awaiting execution for killing six people in eastern Kentucky in 1989 and 1991. That’s more slayings than any of the state’s 34 death row inmates.

Foley lost a bid in April at the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The judges concluded that Foley failed to show he was denied a constitutional right when a federal judge turned away his efforts to continue fighting his conviction.

He had been seeking to challenge his trial attorney’s handling of ballistics evidence and potential expert testimony.

Vincent Stopher


Vincent Stopher Then and Now

Male/White 24 years old at the time

Victim: Deputy Gregory Hans

On March 10, 1997 Vincent Stopher was assaulting a man in Jefferson County when Deputy Gregory Hans pulled over to assist the assault victim. While Hans was exiting his vehicle, Stopher struggled with the deputy, taking his gun. Stopher then used the deputy’s gun to shoot him in the face, killing him.

Vincent Stopher was sentenced to death March 23, 1998 in Jefferson County.

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