1. 65% of Criminals Were Probated!

2. 54% of Probation Violators Were Re-Probated!



Meet Our Super-Heroes In Training

Intern Anna Curtin 



Anna Curtin was born and raised in Canada but has been living in Kentucky since 2001. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in English. She is a rising 3L at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Prior to beginning law school, she worked in the Kentucky horse industry. Since beginning law school she has interned with a family court judge in Lexington and with the Children’s Law Center of Kentucky.

Randy Haight


Randy Haight Then and Now

Male/White, 33 years old at the time

Victims: Patricia Vance, David Omer

Randy Haight escaped from the Johnson County Jail August 18, 1985 with his girlfriend and another male inmate. He was there while awaiting trials in three counties. He stole guns and several cars; shot at a KY. State Police Trooper and caused another police officer’s death in a gunfight. He executed a young couple while they were inside their car. He shot the man in the face, chest, shoulder, and back of the head and shot the woman in the shoulder, temple, the back of the head, and through the eye. He spent all but two of his 15 adult years in four Ohio, three Virginia, and four Kentucky prisons.

Randy Height was sentenced to death March 22, 1994 for the murder of Patricia Vance and David Omer on August 22, 1985.

The Masters of Multi-Tasking!

Meet Our Social Media Superstars!


Abigail Watkins – Communications Coordinator

abigailOur office is required by law to communicate all of the information we have about a case to the attorney reperesenting the defendant. So, my “Real Job” is digitizing all of the information which has been collected through the police depatment’s investigations into our system and providing it as discovery (evidence). This sometimes includes thousands of pages of data. We’re  trying our best to be a paperless office, and a big part of that is keeping our records in a networked program rather than in hard-copy form. Currently, we provide attorneys with discs that contain discovery, but we’re working on a portal where they will be able to access the information from anywhere online!

Social Media:

Web Page Designer

Graphic Designer

Go-To Person on all technical issues

Head of Social Media Staff


Christie Coffman - Administrative Assistantchristie

I scan all pleadings into the system due to our office being paperless, I answer all phone calls and I go to court on Fridays and enter everything into JustWare, a program we use to keep track of the status of our cases.

Social Media:

Co-Producer and Co-Editor of American D.A.-LIVE with Host Jack Pattie








  Blerina Gojani - Victims Services Associate

blerinaI am assigned to Assault 3rd cases, which are assaults against an officer and I help Prosecutor Amanda Naish organize restitution (the money owed by a defendant after a case is resolved) with other felony charges.

Social Media:


Video Editor

Facebook coordinator






Allison Beck - Felony Case Director


My job involves being a liaison between District Court and our office.  District Court sends me paperwork via e-mail and I then utilize that information to put together cases that I  assign to the attorneys and victims’ advocates in our office. I am also in charge of ordering certified prior convictions from both in state and out of state that the attorneys request.

Social Media:

Co-Producer and Co-editor of American D.A.-LIVE with Host Jack Pattie

Producer and Editor of InTouch Editor with Officer Don

Instagram coordinator

Tanner Huddleston - Sentencings Coordinator

tannerMy job consists of researching each criminal that was sentenced each week and developing a report that includes their charges, final sentence and mug shot. I am also responsible for developing the report on repeat felony offender statistics which shows how many repeat felony offenders their were in a given week and a judge’s score card which shows how many cases each of the five circuit court judges have sentenced this year and what percentage of those cases ended in probation or jail/prison time.

Social Media:

Reports Sentencings from the Previous Week

Posts Articles to Facebook & Website

Reports Repeat Offender Statistics 

Creates Weekly Judge’s Score Card



Jette Swisher – Social Media Internjettie

When I first started my internship at the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, I was so impressed by how forward thinking their social media operation was. As a Strategic Communication major, I am daily diving head-first into the realm of advertisement and marketing. And as a typical college girl, my life revolves around cutting-edge online trends and the latest Instagram post. Both of these parts of who I am and where I am in life, combine to form one enthusiastic student of expression. Being here at the Commonwealth Attorney’s office has taught me so much more about my already preexisting interests.

Social Media:

Social Media Intern

Office Reporter






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