Our Newest Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

From the Courtroom to the Construction site our newest Assistant Commonwealth’s
Attorney Aaron Ann Cole is always working to make our community a better placed to live.

Thanks Aaron Ann!



The tastes, ideas, perspectives, attitudes, of the general masses of people, anything from political movements to slang terms. Heavily influenced by mass media of all types, pop culture tends to sway one’s innate views – whether positively or negatively.

Things that come to Ray the DA’s mind when thinking of POP CULTURE issues include:

  • FASHION – Clothing, Hairstyles, Makeup

  • MEDIA CREATED NARRATIVES – “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, #BlackLivesMatter, Marijuana Legalization

  • MUSIC – Hip Hop, New Country, Reggae

  • MOVIES & TV – Twilight, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones

I have asked our own Techno-Savvy young person Abigail to post Pop Culture news items as they appear in the media.

For example: The first one is “Bun-Dropping”. Unlike me, the person who drops their bun has to have a hell of a lot of hair! See what I mean??

A video posted by TrèsClick (@tresclickmag) on


B89MdVFIMAARvfyWhile Barack Obama, surrounded with the world’s best security detail, opens the prison gates to hundreds of dealers in hard drugs — dozens with firearms convictions as well — citizens living in less secure circumstances suffer.

Does his Administration care?

His US Attorney for the District of Columbia managed to yawn out this statement:

Unfortunately, no system is perfect, and in those isolated instances in which problems are identified, we work with our law enforcement partners to address them moving forward.

Excuse my Latin, but that is unadulterated horse manure. He might as well have said, “What, me worry?”

The liberal police chief in DC recently resigned, in significant part because she had seen enough mindless leniency.

The problem is not over-incarceration, despite the insistence of the pro-criminal crowd currently running DOJ. The problem, which they would see under their noses if they cared enough to look, is the opposite.

  (Posted by Bill Otis)

Ray’s Lifetime Achievement Award!

Ray the D.A. received a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s statewide prosecutors conference.

It was recommended that the Attorney General honor him for his cumulative service as a prosecutor and as one of the co-founders of the Unified Prosecutor System. The bill creating PAC and the Unified Prosecutor System was enacted in 1976, making 2016 the fortieth year anniversary of the law, but because of delayed effective dates, PAC was created effective 1977, and the UPS was created effective 1978. Ray’s service began as an assistant city attorney prosecutor in the old city police court system before the 1975 Judicial Amendment re-organized Kentucky’s court system.

After leaving the city attorney’s office, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Ray served as an Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Special Prosecutions Division, before and after PAC was created, and while the Director’s job also included overseeing the PAC Staff. He left the OAG to become the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney where he has continued to serve as a prosecutor for many years.

Ray has consistently been a leader within the UPS and the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association. For example, when the finances of the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association fell into disarray, Ray volunteered to serve as Treasurer and instituted financial reforms (with help from Gail Whitt) and has been re-elected every year since.

There are many, many other examples of Ray’s leadership apart from the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association, and our office is proud to have him.

A Night for the Nest Event



Rewa Zakharia & Hunter Hickman with Lou Anna Red Corn & Luke Morgan at this weekend’s “A Night for the Nest”

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