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We will have Ray the DA, Jack Pattie and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Dan Laren on the show!

We will be featuring elected prosecutors who won’t allow their assistants to own firearms, bank robbers who are caught because of what they post online of themselves regarding the crime, criminals who fall the through the roof during the crime and get stuck- only to be “rescued” by the police… these are just some of the examples of the “Darwin Awards” that are handed out!

You can’t make this S#I! up! Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at 9AM on WVLK 590AM.


Saint Louis County, Missouri prosecutor, Bob McCulloch will be our guest on the show Friday!

Bob McCulloh

This week on TRUECRIME with Ray the DA and Jack Pattie, we will have a special guest all the way from St. Louis County, Missouri, Mr. Robert McCulloch

Mr. McCulloch attended law school at Saint Louis University; after graduation he served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney from 1978 to 1985. He Courthousethen went on to have a private practice until 1991, at that time he was elected as Prosecuting Attorney of Saint Louis County, which is where he has remained since then.

Recently, he has become well known as the prosecutor who handled the Ferguson Grand Jury case.

Mr. McCulloch will be joining us on Friday to discuss the case. Make sure you tune in to what will be a VERY interesting show! Tune in to WVLK 590AM at 9AM on Friday morning!


Policing in Lexington

Tomorrow Ray the DA and Jack Pattie, we will have special guest Chief Mark Barnard from the Lexington Division of Police. Chief Barnard is a 28-year member of the Lexington Police Department. Before being name as Chief of Police, earlier this year, he was the Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Investigation. We will also be discussing a wide range of issues, including the effect of recent national events on the city of Lexington. Make sure you tune in to WVLK 590AM at 9AM to listen to Ray the DA, Jack Pattie and Chief Barnard!


Mark Barnard

A 2012 Lexington murder will be featured this week on TRUECRIME

In the afternoon of March 18, 2012 police were called to an apartment complex on Palumbo Drive, off of Man O’ War in response to multiple 911 calls from people saying shots had been fired. When police arrived on the scene they found two victims, Koree Smith and Laroz Mitchell, laying outside suffering from gunshot wounds.

Upon entrance into the apartment, they found 16- year old Chaz Black suffering from a gunshot wound. They attempted CPR on Chaz but were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead.


The police began their investigation.

After conducting interviews, the police arrested two people in connection to the shootings, 21 year old Dionta Lee Hayes and 22 year old Dominique Godfrey.


The pair were charged with Murder, 2 counts of Assault 1st and Robbery 1st. Dionta Hayes was also charged with being a Persistent Felony Offender in the 1st Degree because he was on probation for Robbery 2nd from a 2009 case and also was on probation for being a Convicted Felon in Possession of a Handgun from a 2010 case. Hayes was believed to have acted as the only shooter.

The murder of Chaz Black occurred in March of 2012. The case went to trial in July of this year. The jury deliberated for over sixteen hours and came back with their verdict. They found Dionta Hayes guilty of Murder, two counts of Assault 1st, Theft by Unlawful Taking and being a Persistent Felony Offender in the 1st degree- they recommended a sentence of 35 years. Dominique Godfrey was acquitted.


Assistant Fayette Commonwealth’s Dan Laren and Director of Victim’s Services, Mary Houlihan, will be our guests. Chaz Black’s mother, India Alcorn, will also appear to discuss her son and how his death has impacted her. India was actively involved during the case and made sure that prosecutors and the jury knew how important her son was.




The Defendant: Shayna Hubers

      Shayna Hubers

Victim: Ryan Poston

Victim:                    Ryan Poston

Prosecutor: Michelle Snodgrass

       Michelle Snodgrass



Last week you heard from Prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass about the intensive investigation conducted by the Highland Heights Police Department.



trial photo


Last week on TRUE CRIME we discussed the case of 21 year old Shayna Hubers who murdered her 29 year-old boyfriend Ryan Poston. Michelle Snodgrass, the Prosecutor of the Hubers murder case, discussed the investigation of the murder.

This week, PART 2, Ms. Snodgrass will return and discuss the trial. We will hear about:

*  Jury Selection in such a high profile case.

*  Her opening statement. What did she hope to achieve?

*  Defense opening statement. What was their Defense?

*  How did she determined her trial strategy?

*  What witnesses testified in the Prosecution’s case and why?

*  How did she determine what witnesses to call?

*  Her use of scientific evidence. (DNA, gunshot residue, Ballistics)

*  Who testified for the Defendant and how did she cross examine them?

*  The Defense closing argument.

*  The Prosecution closing argument.

*  The Jury deliberations.

*  The Jury verdict.

*  What occurred in the case after the Jury’s verdict?


Victim's Condo

Victim’s Condo

Crime scene

The crime scene










Prosecutor: Michelle Snodgrass

Police Chief: Bill Birkenhauer

Police Chief:
     Bill Birkenhauer

Former Miss Ohio: Audrey Bolte

Former Miss Ohio:
Audrey Bolte










Defense Atty: David Mejia and Defendant

Defense Atty: David Mejia and Defendant

Defendant: Shayna Hubers

Defendant: Shayna Hubers



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