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Part two of the La Fonda Fay Foster and Tina Powell murder case!

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 A six week trial concluded with the jury finding each defendant La Fonda Fay Foster and Tina Powell Guilty of all five murders! Foster was sentenced to Death and Powell to Life without Parole for 25 years. Due to an issue of Foster’s case her sentence was reversed about 5 years after the murders and she was sentenced to Life without Parole.

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We will have part two of the show we had last week involving the case of La Fonda Fay Foster and Tina Powell. Retired Detective Fran Root will be joining us again.  We will be talking about the Jury Trial part of the case and what punishment they received after the trial was conducted.  The trial lasted six weeks and many witnesses were called in the process.  Tina Powell didn’t really say much during the Guilt Phase of the Trial and neither did her attorney.  Foster’s attorney crossed witnesses and vigorously defended her in trial stating that she had a really rough life and childhood.  Tina Powell actually wanted to plead guilty before the trial took place so she would not receive the Death penalty but the Judge overruled that and it did not happen.  Foster wanted to prove she committed these crimes due to Extreme Emotional Disturbance due to her past, that did not work with the Jury.

The Jury had two choices , find the Defendants guilty of the murders or not guilty.  They deliberated for 2 ½ hours and found both Defendant’s Guilty of the five murders.  Next was the Penalty Phase of the Trial, to determine the amount of time each defendant would receive for the hideous crimes they had committed!  Witnesses were called by Defense and testimony was taken.  Tina Powell never denied that she had killed these people but used the excuse that La Fonda Fay Foster made her do it and was the ring leader.  The Jury heard all the testimony and went to deliberate once again.  They were out for a little over a day to decide on the sentence of time to give to the defendants.  Ultimately they sentenced Tina Powell to Life without parole for 25 years and La Fonda Fay Foster was sentenced to Death.  Foster’s death sentence was reversed in 1991 and she was resentenced to Life without Parole.  Tina Powell is 56 years old today and is housed at KY Correctional Inst. for Women.  Foster is 51 years old and is housed at Western KY Corr. Complex.

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       On the show for Friday the 20th we will be discussing the case of La Fonda Fay Foster and Tina Marie Powell. They were lovers who had a mile long criminal record.  On April 23, 1986 the two women who were in their early 20’s had been drinking and drugging all day when they committed these 5 horrible murders.  The defendants showed up at the Kearn’s house and wanted money.  The wife told her husband to pay the defendants and after arguing and saying no he eventually wrote a check but needed to drive to get it cashed.  Mr. Kearns had two male friends there along with his wife and their housekeeper and they all got in the car to get the check cashed.

      They ended up driving to a bait shop to have the check cashed and after that ended up near a field off Mt. Tabor Road where the defendants forced the victims to get out of the car and lie face down in the grass.  The defendants then shot the housekeeper in the back of the head and stabbed her five times in the face and chest and slit her throat, she had also been drug under the car for a period of time.  Mrs. Kearns was shot in the head, her throat cut and stabbed 16 times in the neck, she was then drug under the car and that is what finally killed her. The men asked for food due to they were so hungry and the defendants took them to a drive thru but ended up leaving before they even received their food.  One man was shot two times in the back of the head and once in the ear. He was dragged under the car until he became stuck.  The other victim was shot and stabbed and left in the car.  The defendants then set fire to the car with them in and under it.

                After all of this the defendants went to Human Hospital to call a taxi and clean the blood off.  A nurse at the hospital noticed the blood and called the cops. When the cops arrived they could smell alcohol and after observing them placed them under arrest initially for Public Intoxication and booked them in at the Fayette County Jail.  The defendants went to trial in February of 1987 and Ray Larson prosecuted them both.  The Jury recommended La Fonda Fay Foster be sentenced to death and Tina Marie Powell to life.  In 1991 Foster’s conviction was reversed and she was sentenced to Life without Parole.

Fran Root

Detective Fran Root



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On the show tomorrow we will have special guests Sheriff Kathy Whitt, Deputy Ron Watson and Srg. Todd Phillips.  We will be discussing the Sheriff’s graffiti program and what all it entails to keep Lexington looking good.

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Friday on American DA Live!

Friday on American DA Live we will be discussing the case of CW vs. Justin Hawkins.  Justin Hawkins and his parents were involved in several small businesses that included a car dealership.  The businesses were not doing well, their debt was increasing, and they were turned down for a loan.  Two weeks after being turned down from the loan, their house burned down.  The defendant was charged with arson and falsifying insurance claims.

The trial is where this case became even more fascinating.  On the first day of trial the defendant showed up in a brand new Lexus SUV.  This vehicle turned out to be a stolen vehicle from a BMW dealership in Nashville!  Tune in to American DA Live this coming Friday to hear how this interesting case turned out!  We are very excited to have special guest Tim Coleman, CW attorney of the 38th Circuit, join us on the show this Friday.

Ray the DA

Ray the DA CW Attorney Fayette County



Tim Coleman CW Attorney 38th Circuit


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