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This week on TRUECRIME!


Ray the DA will be joining Scott Johnson this Friday on TRUECRIME! The two will be answering questions that YOU the listeners might have regarding the criminal justice system. Make sure to tune in THIS Friday at 9AM to WVLK 590AM!


UntitledThis week on TRUECRIME with Ray the DA and Jack Pattie, we will have Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, Katie Webster, and Director of Victim’s Services, Mary Houlihan, on the show to discuss a crime involving an elderly woman who had thousands of dollars stolen from her by someone she trusted.

On January 24, 2014 police were called to PNC Bank in reference to a forgery case. A 91 year old victim had been contacted by the bank when checks presented against her account but there were insufficient funds. The victim could not believe she didn’t have enough money in her account, as she had recently inherited $200,000 following the death of her husband in 2012. Detective Mike Helsby was the assigned investigator.

Unfortunately for the victim, the investigation revealed that her housekeeper,Untitled Lillia Ridgell, had been forging checks to herself from the victim’s checkbook. The amounts that Ridgell has written herself varied between $200 and $4,322.

On September 18, 2015, Ms. Ridgell pled guilty to Theft by Deception-Greater than $10,000 with a recommended sentence of 5 years. On November 13, 2015, Ridgell was sentenced by Judge Clark, to 5 years but was probated for 5 years. Ridgell was probated so that she could work towards repayment of the restitution that is owed to the victim.

Ridgell was also ordered to serve 90 days in jail starting on November 20th, 2015.

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This week on TrueCrime with Ray the DA and Jack Pattie, we will have special guest, First Assistant Lou Anna Redcorn, on the show to discuss a homicide case out of Lexington.

The defendant Joel David Searcy, carjacked the victim’s vehicle, with him in it, and sub-sequentially pushed the victim out of the car. As a result of  the assault, the victim, Donald Cook’s existing medical conditions were aggravated and it that led to his death a few days later.

The Grand Jury indicted the Searcy and charged him with Murder and Robbery of the vehicle. In May of this year, he was found guilty, by Jury, of Manslaughter 2nd and Robbery 1st.

An interesting aspect of this case is the fact that BBC covered this case from beginning to end.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at 9AM to WVLK590 AM to listen to the entire episode.


This week on TRUECRIME with Ray the DA and Jack Pattie, we will have Commander Brian Maynard of the Lexington Division of Police on the show. We will be discussing the extra security that is needed this week around Lexington with the Breeders Cup, the Breeders Cup Festival in downtown Lexington and the UK vs TN Football Game! Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning at 9AM on WVLK 590 AM!

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