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The Defendant: Shayna Hubers

      Shayna Hubers

Victim: Ryan Poston

Victim:                    Ryan Poston

Prosecutor: Michelle Snodgrass

       Michelle Snodgrass



Last week you heard from Prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass about the intensive investigation conducted by the Highland Heights Police Department.



trial photo


Last week on TRUE CRIME we discussed the case of 21 year old Shayna Hubers who murdered her 29 year-old boyfriend Ryan Poston. Michelle Snodgrass, the Prosecutor of the Hubers murder case, discussed the investigation of the murder.

This week, PART 2, Ms. Snodgrass will return and discuss the trial. We will hear about:

*  Jury Selection in such a high profile case.

*  Her opening statement. What did she hope to achieve?

*  Defense opening statement. What was their Defense?

*  How did she determined her trial strategy?

*  What witnesses testified in the Prosecution’s case and why?

*  How did she determine what witnesses to call?

*  Her use of scientific evidence. (DNA, gunshot residue, Ballistics)

*  Who testified for the Defendant and how did she cross examine them?

*  The Defense closing argument.

*  The Prosecution closing argument.

*  The Jury deliberations.

*  The Jury verdict.

*  What occurred in the case after the Jury’s verdict?


Victim's Condo

Victim’s Condo

Crime scene

The crime scene










Prosecutor: Michelle Snodgrass

Police Chief: Bill Birkenhauer

Police Chief:
     Bill Birkenhauer

Former Miss Ohio: Audrey Bolte

Former Miss Ohio:
Audrey Bolte










Defense Atty: David Mejia and Defendant

Defense Atty: David Mejia and Defendant

Defendant: Shayna Hubers

Defendant: Shayna Hubers



This Friday on True Crime with Ray the D.A. and Jack Pattie

Lexington Dunbar High School Honor Roll Student, Shayna Hubers 21, shot and killed her boyfriend, 29 year old Ryan Poston

                                                             The Defendant: Shayna Hubers      

                                                          The Prosecutor: Michelle Snodgrass


    The Victim: Ryan Poston


The Story

Ryan Poston was a 29 year old attorney from Cincinnati, OH who was shot to death 6 times by his girlfriend, 21 year old Shayna Hubers. This is the story of the twisted romance turned sour.


Former Miss Ohio: Audrey Bolte

On the night of October 12, 2012 the Defendant and victim had been at Ryan’s condo on Meadow Lane in Highland Heights, KY. At 8:53 PM a 911 call came through to dispatch from the Defendant herself. She told the operator “Ma’am, I killed my boyfriend in self-defense.” The police arrived by this time and the 911 operator told the Defendant to go out with her hands up. She did.

The defendant was taken to headquarters. She confessed to this horrible murder. Shayna openly told what occurred and even demonstrated what had happened. The defendant said Ryan had been abusing pills and had thrown her into a bookshelf. She had told Police he was sitting at the table playing with his gun and he started to stand up. She said she grabbed his gun and turned it on him.

Shayna said during the interview, “He was twitching, so I shot him a couple more times just to make sure he was dead because I didn’t want to watch him die.” The victim was shot 2 times in the head, 1 time in the back and 3 times in the torso. She told police he was a very vain man and had always wanted a nose job. She then states in her interview to police, “I just gave him the nose job he wanted.”

On video the defendant danced and sang around the room at Police headquarters. She was heard to say, “I did it, YES I did it” while walking around the room talking to herself.

She was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Ryan Poston.

The Defendant was in jail 2 years awaiting trial and on April 13, 2014 her day in court began. Her trial lasted 9 days but it only took the Campbell Co. jury a little under 5 hours to find her Guilty of the murder.

Prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass tried to convince the jury to give the defendant Life. After 1 hour of deliberating they returned a sentenced for Shayna Hubers of 40 years in Prison. She will be eligible for parole after serving a mere 20 years!

ABC’s 20/20 did a special on this case.

If you want to watch the complete 20/20 program in preparation for the radio show just click the link below!

ABC Latest News | Latest News Videos

What is Lexington Police Department doing to address violent crimes in our City?

We will be discussing Violent Crime Initiative on TRUE CRIME!  We will have guests Lt. Brad Ingram and Sgt. Chris Cooper along with Victim’s Advocate Mary Houlihan.  The “Clear Unit” is considered Special Operation and they are community oriented, code enforcement and neighborhood association based.  We will talk about how they are busier in the evenings and nights so 2nd shift tends to get most of the action from these criminals. Assaults, Robberies and Burglary 1st Degree are considered Violent Crimes and 2/3 of the Defendants who commit these have previously been placed on probation or parole in the past.

Srg. Brad Ingram

Sgt. Brad Ingram

Victim's Advocate Mary Houlihan

Victim’s Advocate
Mary Houlihan

Lt. Chris Cooper

Lt. Chris Cooper

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