Victims’ Advocate, Briana Persley, and EBCE Student, Nayef Ahmad at Career Day for Cardinal Valley Elementary (CVE) School


Today was Career Day at Cardinal Valley Elementary School.  There were many professionals there to speak to the student body.  Among those presenters were our own, Briana Persley and EBCE student Nayef Ahmad.  They educated students  about the criminal justice system and how it works, and encouraged them to continue getting their education so they can be successful in life.  Nayef also spoke to them about his experiences and observations while being a student in our office.

Great job you two!

Nayef Ahmad Experience on His Internship


My internship at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has been full of learning opportunities so far, more than I expected to be honest. I have been to multiple court hearings and all of them have been very interesting (domestic violence, felony, preliminary hearings, misdemeanor court, and voir dire.) I’ve never been in a courtroom before, so experiencing the atmosphere in which all the “action” happens was quite interesting.

Mrs. Briana Persley has been wonderful in teaching me and explaining all procedures, when I first started she told it’ll be fun and I had some doubts, however she proved me very wrong. She is a pleasure to have as a mentor and she has taught me a lot so far. Thanks to her I attended a lot of court hearings, and she always answers all of my questions until she makes sure I understand.

Overall, it has been an amazing experience so far, and plenty of interesting things to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Westin Waggoner’s Experience on His Internship


When I first started my internship here, I had heard good things about this site from classmates, but was still unsure of exactly how things would turn out. I knew I’d be meeting some prominent people like Ray, but as someone striving to be lawyer one day I was also hoping to witness some cases and learn more about our legal system in general.

Three weeks in, I can honestly say that the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has exceeded all of my expectations. I had never been in a courtroom before coming here, and now in less than a month I’ve already witnessed multiple court hearings and several intriguing trials. You can talk about court procedure and statutes all you want, but being in the courtroom and actually watching how things play out day after day is a different experience entirely.

I now hope to take the lessons I’m currently learning and apply them to both my own set of beliefs and my plans for the future. Seeing those who have engaged in criminal behavior be held accountable under the law has given me a lot of new enriching ideas on how to effectively combat crime in our society. Interning here has already reaffirmed my interest in the law and I’m excited for what’s next to come.

Lauren Simmons’ Experience on Her Internship


From the second I started my internship at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, I was immediately immersed into this career. On my first day, I got to witness the contacting of victims in a case that I had heard a lot about on the news, and I began to learn about the process of all the work it takes to ensure that the victims in a case are well informed of what’s going on. That was something I hadn’t really considered before, but it’s been very interesting to take part in.

I was given the opportunity to tour all the floors of the police department, which was such an informative experience. While observing court, I have found it very interesting to see how judges run their docket differently. I look forward to going to all the different kinds of courts to observe the differences between each. I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far and I really hope to learn even more in the time I have left!

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