Trial Experience By: Madeline Decker

UntitledTo say the first trial I had the opportunity to observe, was boring would be a massive understatement. Going in I had no real knowledge as to how an actual trial goes other than the examples on T.V. such as shows like Law and Order.
The first day of my observation I got the chance to view the opening statements and forensic experts present their evidence against the defendant. I also had the chance to learn to what extent confidentiality is valued in the court especially through the use of the static button when the attorney’s ask to approach the bench to discuss something just said or and issue.
On my second day in court we heard from the defendant himself and had the chance to see the accident from his point of view. After the defendant was questioned the closing statements were giver and the jury was given instructions on how to decide whether the defendant was guilty or innocent. It surprised me to hear how many rules and regulations there are in deciding whether the defendant is guilty or not and what to charge him under (1st. 2nd, etc.). In the end it took the jury 3 hours to decide that he was guilty.
My favorite part of the trial would have to be viewing the opening statements and hearing the testimonies and experts talk. Getting to see the evidence laid out so plainly was fascinating. Thanks to my first trial observational experience I am very excited for the next one.

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Trial Experience
By Carson Hill

IMG_5757The first trial opportunity I had was a memorable one to say the least. Going in I didn’t know how trials were run other than the ones on shows such as Law and Order.
The first day I observed the trial; I got to view the jury selection process. It was real eye opening to see how many factors go into cutting down the jury from about eighty people to eleven. Also I learned how valuable confidentiality is to the court system, through the use of the judges static button every time a potential juror approaches the bench.
The next day I got to see some key testimony from both the prosecution and the defense. The burden of proof was very complex, even though there was no question he was guilty. I saw many police officers testifying just for the authenticity of the pictures of the scene. I thought it was interesting how the prosecutors had to ask questions in such a way to make the audience understand such a complicated process.
In the end, my favorite part was viewing the trial from beginning to end. I saw jury selection all the way to the final verdict and I can’t wait to see another trial.



By Faith LoPiccolo

Last week, I had the opportunity of attending my first trial. Going into the courtroom,

IMG_5747I didn’t fully know what to expect. After the opening statements, I realized how much work both sides of the case have to put into their clients. I also never knew how tedious the burden of proof actually was, until I heard the opening statement from the prosecutor. This became apparent after the prosecution brought up several witnesses from the same company, just to prove some of the facts.

This trial was such a neat experience. I have learned that most cases end in a plea or bargain of some sort, and it was really cool to be able to see a trial from start to finish. It was also interesting because it wasn’t a debate on whether or not the defendant was guilty. That is very different from what I thought it would be as well. The defense attorney was well aware of the crimes that his client had committed, but he was simply disputing the evidence so that he could prove the man committed a lesser crime.

In the end, the defendant was proven guilty of all offenses, including assault first degree. It took the jury three hours to deliberate and finally decide on a guilty verdict. I can’t wait for the opportunity to see more things like this.


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