Emma’s Internship

During my time at the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, I have had the opportunity to learn many different things and have had the ability to learn about what it means to be a crime victims’ advocate, an attorney, and many other occupations. While shadowing Mrs. Persley, I was able to attend indictments, sentencings, and trials at both district and circuit courts. I have also been able to participate in on-hands activities, such as listening in on calls and interviewing a business professional. While interning at the office, we never had a dull day, and I was always learning something new. Before starting at the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, I was in the dark about everything that went on behind the scenes of the criminal justice system. Now that my time here is ending, I am looking back and realize how much I have learned. The routines that occur in real life criminal justice are quite different from the shows that I have watched, but are just as interesting, and what I have learned at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office reassures my decision to choose a career under the pathway of criminal justice. It was a very eye opening experience, and one that I will cherish forever.

Abby’s Internship

During my time at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office I have learned so much about the justice system and what goes on behind the scenes. I have had the ability to become informed on the duties of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the many jobs that are involved in keeping the victim and the Commonwealth itself safe. The responsibilities the attorney’s hold has particularly grabbed my interest. They have a very tedious job to do that benefits the community while most people don’t even realize how important this role is. Prior to studying at the office, I was clueless as to what exactly is put into each case, even the ones that do not reach trial. I have found court to be a place I enjoy. Days spent in either the district or circuit court are my favorite. I am eager to continue learning about the justice system and work with Mrs. Persley!

Evelyn’s Internship

During my time at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office I learned everything I needed to know about the Kentucky legal system. By frequently attending court, I was able to learn the differences between District and Circuit Court. I now know that I would rather spend my time working on cases that would be held in District Court. I got to see what the daily lives for detectives, attorneys, and crime victims’ advocates consist of. It has truly been an eye-opening experience.

Maya’s Internship

During my time, here at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, I have not only learned, but have gotten to experience some things that I will remember my whole lifetime. With this being my second time here at the office, I have gotten to move forward and learn even more than I did the first time. Everything done here at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office is very tedious and must be done a certain way.  One of my favorite things to do at the office is calling victims and transcribing. Transcribing is very difficult because you must make sure you catch every little word and sound anyone makes. Observing court is also very neat because the way it is in life isn’t the same when you watch it on television. The amount of time I’ve spent here with Briana has been nothing but amazing.  She has shown and taught me things that I never thought I’d get to learn about. Briana’s job as a victims’ advocate helps people feel safer while going through the process of trial, I hope to be as great as her someday.

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