Former intern, Silvia, returns!


Former intern Silivia returned from Hamilton College in New York for Thanksgiving. She paid a visit to Crime Fighters Central and told us about her experience on Hamilton College’s Mock Trial Team. Silvia is off to court for Video Arraignments with Ray the DA.


Our own former intern, Lydia Blues, won the “REFLECTIONS” Art competition at Henry Clay High School. She now moves on to the District competition. Lydia says “If I win the nation competition in either first, second or third place I WIN MONEY!” We already think Lydia is the winner but I’m not giving her any money!



Intern Bianca DeForest went through the jail booking process for our next episode of Crime Fighting 101. Stay tuned next week to see what happens when a person is arrested and booked into the jail!

Former Intern News


A Star is Born! Silvia Radulescu, ┬ámember of the Hamilton College Mock Trial Team, Named an “Outstanding Attorney” in Her Team’s First Competition at the University of Rochester Invitational







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