Intern News with Maya Thomas

Intern 2

My name is Maya Thomas, and I am a senior at Bryan Station High School.  I was granted the opportunity to participate in the EBCE (Experience Based Career Education) program, where students can intern at various businesses to help them determine which career  they would be interested in after high school and or college.

For this rotation I chose the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, since I am interested in psychology I decided to intern with the victims advocate. While at the office I was very involved with the work; documenting files, viewing cases, communicating with victims, as well as attending trials, arraignments, and sentencing’s. I chose this career field because I wanted to get a better understanding of what the law side of psychology is like.

I learned how to prepare cases, and prepare for trial. I was informed about the different types of charges, and prosecution of each. Before I interned here I didn’t know how much support was given by a victims advocate and how much effort they put in to helping you get the justice you deserve. I really enjoyed my time here at the office and I greatly appreciated them allowing me to intern here. It helped me decide if law is for me, this is definitely a field to consider during and after college.


Intern News with Bailey Shier

Intern 1

My name is Bailey Shier, I am a senior at Bryan Station High School. I am participating in a program called EBCE (Experience Based Career Education). This program allows students to intern at various places around Lexington to see what careers they may be interested in.

 I chose to intern at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to see what attorneys did when they were not in court. While I was interning I was able to sit in on multiple hearings and arraignments at the court house. Being able to observe the hearings and case helped me understand what a prosecuting attorney does.

 Over the past few weeks, I learned all about what prosecuting attorneys do and how they work. I was also able to see what victims advocates did, and how well they treated each person they work with. Being and intern at the commonwealth attorney’s office was a wonderful experience and I am very thankful for the time I was able to have here.


Two Months Journey At The Office By Larkin Walker

IMG_9075I have learned a lot so far in my time at the Commonwealths Attorney Office. Every week I do a “Crime In Pop-Culture” segment where I talk about topics related to crime that are happening in todays pop culture. I also get to do other public relations tasks like manage social media account and handle media outlets.

 I really enjoy going to court with the prosecutors and sitting in on grand jury selection, video arraignments and so much more.

 The most heartbreaking part of my internship is working with victims of domestic abuse. In the state of Kentucky, domestic abuse is considered a “non-violent” crime. This means that the defendants only have to serve 20% of the time they are sentenced to. While this may seem like a lot of time, if a defendant is sentenced to 1 year of repeatedly beating his wife, they only have to serve just a few months before they are released back into the world. What is most alarming about this and what I have the most trouble dealing with is the thought that the victims abuser has served just a little time in jail and will be released with the potential threat, and in most cases very serious threat, of harming the victim again.

 The legal system does protect us in so many wonderful ways but I have learned in my time here that there are a number of laws and litigation that allows defendants the opportunity to “get off easy” for their crimes.

 I really enjoy the work that I do here and love the people that I work with. In my short time here, my desire to go to law school after graduation from under graduate. I know that this and the work that the prosecutors do here is what I want to do with the rest of my life and help victims of the terrible crimes.

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