Thomas Lewis 11/26-11/30

Last week I went to the Circuit Court where I sat in on a case where Kim Baird was the prosecutor that dealt with a man being charged with possession of drugs; the judge was Ernesto Scorsone. By the time I left, they were in the middle of cross examination where Ms. Baird asked the man questions. I thought the way she handled herself and how she managed to have a question after every statement he made was impressive and almost seemed easy for her to do. That was very intriguing to me. The other day I sat in on case hearings and with retired Judge Thomas Clark. It went by very fast and some criminals had interesting cases. I also came back to the office and began working on translating the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office website from English to Spanish, which I am still working on at this point.

Thomas Lewis 11/19/18

Last week on, Tuesday, me and the other EBCE student helped Kathy Phillips, transcribe an assault case where the defendants shot into a house where several girls were having a sleepover. One of the girls was shot and was permanently paralyzed. I was able to transcribe the interview of the detective and one of the defendants. Listening to the interview is one thing but typing everything they say (Or what I could recall) was another. It wasn’t the first time I had transcribed an interview, but the talking-over and slurred speech was hard to pick up on.

Thomas Lewis 11/13/18

Last week, on the dates; 11/7 and 11/9, I took part in helping make copies for one of the prosecuting attorneys and the copies were of a murder case. As myself and another EBCE student made copies, I did a quick skim of the information and was fascinated by the evidence and other court documents. I also sat in on a few court hearings for both defense and prosecution and made more calls to victims regarding their next court hearings with the other intern, Zach. I was really fascinated with the reading of the case I was given, since I plan on continuing my career in law as I get older, I believe that this will be helpful and it’s good that I get to know what case documents will look like and how detailed they are.

Thomas Lewis Updating Victims And Learning More About The Criminal Justice System 11/7/18

Last week, I learned about calling up victims and reminding them about court hearings. Although I was skeptic about it at first since I had to call strangers and remind them about the next court hearing, most of them did not pick up so I left messages. I also continued doing more research on cases, reading all the evidence and fact sheets, I feel more involved in the court system than I ever would have, had I not come here.



Community Service Student Thomas Lewis

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