Crime In England Preview

leah uk linkSoon we’ll be having a guest from London, England, so crime-fighting intern Leah Wolff has been researching what crime looks like overseas. London is the home to roughly 13% of the UK’s population and has one of the lowest firearm homicides in the world. While violent crime is not as prevalent there, they have to worry about crime like burglary, terrorism, and illegal immigrants. Stay tuned to learn more about crime in England!

Princess Half Marathon in Disney World
By: Intern Leah Wolf

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On February 22, 2015 at 8:30 am, most people were still sleeping in. However, I was crossing the finish line after completing my second Princess Half Marathon in Disney World. A half marathon is 13.1 miles, so it’s no easy feat on your feet, but it was all for a good cause. All proceeds from the half marathon went to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to help find cures for children with cancer.

 If you ever feel the need to run an absurd amount of miles at once, I highly recommend challenging yourself to a run Disney race–mostly because you get to wear fun costumes and take pictures with characters along the way. This year, I dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled while my cousin Shelby and best friend Taylor both chose to wear Anna-inspired tutus from the movie Frozen.

 No matter what gets you motivated to work out, I love that these races promote a healthy lifestyle and opportunities for the whole family to be involved. I’m already planning my next race with Disney and hoping to improve my 2:29 finish time. In the meantime, I’m trading my running shoes and tutu for my best intern attire to continue to represent the Crime Fighters at the Commonwealth Attorney Office.

Intern Austin Monnett – My experience at the radio show with Ray the D.A. and Jack Patty.


Friday morning I had the chance to go with Ray Larson to watch the live taping of American D.A., hosted by the locally famous Jack Patty. The focus of the show was on heroin, specifically how it is moving in and through the state of Kentucky. Another Commonwealth Attorney, Rob Sanders of Kenton County, joined Ray via phone to discuss how the issues varied across the state.

What I learned from the show was the complexity of drug movement within certain regions. Ray noted that ever since there was a large “pill mill” crackdown in Kentucky, heroin has begun to take hold. With the shutdown, pill addicts became unable to obtain their fix. Heroin contains the same type of substance that they’re addicted to, plus it’s also cheaper, making it the chosen alternative for abusers. Heroin comes in many forms, and oftentimes by the time it reaches the user, it has been laced with substances that make it weaker, and in some rare cases, even stronger and more dangerous.

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Katie Himes wins “MISS KENTUCKY USA”

Our own intern Katie Himes participated in the “MISS KENTUCKY USA” PAGEANT over the past weekend. She won! And now serves as the 2015 Miss Kentucky USA. CONGRATS TO KATIE!
Now when she returns to the office on Thursday, we will crown her “YOU’RE STILL AN INTERN, AND WE’VE GOT A LOT OF CRIME FIGHTING TO DO, SO LET’S ALL GET BACK TO WORK FOR 2015.”
In all seriousness, Katie is a very nice and extremely bright young woman who does a lot of excellent work for the crime-fighters at the Office of the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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Interns’ Day at the Capitol


 By: Anika and Nikki

 Throughout our time at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, we’ve worked primarily on the “micro” or individual-level of advocacy.  However, on February 5th we had the opportunity to partake in a “macro” or community-level advocacy action by attending “Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol” in Frankfort, Kentucky. The event called to action the importance of protecting children in Kentucky by addressing teen violence.

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The Grand Jury Selection Process Was Nothing Like I Thought I It Would Be


By Ashley Lewis

 Last Thursday I had opportunity to observe the Jury orientation process in Fayette Circuit Court. Part of that process included the selection of a Grand Jury for the month of February. The Grand Jury is a group of 12 citizens who listen to evidence and determine whether a person should stand trial for an alleged crime.

 I was surprised by the process of selecting a Grand Jury. Personally I, and maybe others, have had an uninformed opinion of exactly how it happens. Contrary to what many think, the process of jury and grand jury selection is less sinister and strategic and is not pre-planned. I, and many others, always imagined juries were hand-picked. I thought that certain people who would assist the prosecutor to make their case based on a defendant’s background, race, political views, etc. were placed on Grand Jury.

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Lexington’s SANE Program is 15 years old!


By: Katie Himes

This morning, I had the privilege of speaking with Anita Capillo, the Urban County Government SANE program manager. A sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) is a registered nurse, credentialed by the Board of Nursing with advanced training in the forensic examination of sexual assault victims. Prior to the introduction of this program in Kentucky in 1998, anyone interested in the SANE program had to travel out of state to get the proper training. Today, the program is approved through the Kentucky Board of Nursing and requires an annual renewal of forensic education in addition to the annual registered nurse license renewal.

The responsibility of a SANE nurse includes documentation of a patient’s

statement about the particular situation, and how that correlates with the observation from the medical examination. SANE nurses also provided expert witness testimony, if these cases proceed within the criminal justice system.

With a handful of programs available at hospitals across the state, it has become a very beneficial entity for Law Enforcement Professionals. This information provided by SANE nurses gives law enforcement officials first hand observations about the findings in the case. Furthermore, after an officer/detective gets as a statement from the patient/victim they are free to go instead of having to wait for the duration of the test. This frees up their time and allows them more opportunity to tend to other matters. Currently, in the state of Kentucky there are about 250 credentialed SANE nurses.

As you can see, this program has been very beneficial in sexual assault cases in Kentucky. A huge thank you to Anita Capillo for taking the time to explain this awesome program to me.


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