Intern News: our intern luncheon for their families and friends is always a BIG DEAL for us! We like like meeting their families and friends

Intern News: our intern luncheon for their families and friends is always a BIG DEAL for us! We like like meeting their families and friends. #raytheda #interns

Posted by Ray the D.A. on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Friday was Range Day for the Summer Interns! They had a great time and we’re all great shots!!


Police Shooting Range Was A Fun Final Fieldtrip

image5 (3)

Interns prepping for the live fire portion of their CCDW test.

By Drew Teague

On Friday we attended our final field trip of the internship and it was very exciting. Half of the interns partook in their concealed carry class earlier in the week and had their final instruction, then completed their live fire test.

While those interns completed their CCDW training, the rest of us got to be on the range and practice firing a couple of police weapons. Not only did we fire, but the officer taught us proper weapon safety, how the weapon actually worked, showed us the interior of the weapon, and about the safety’s of the weapon, even without an actual safety latch.

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Second Shift with Officer Horn


Written by Sydney Garrett

On Friday, July 15, I had the chance to go on a ride-along with Officer Horn. I was nervous before it started because (1) I didn’t know if I could handle staying awake past midnight and (2) I really had no idea what to expect. Luckily, Officer Horn relieved my safety concerns at the beginning.

This experience was really interesting to me because I’ve never spent a lot of time with a police officer before, let alone sat in a car with one for an extended period of time. I feel like a lot of people my age are scared of police or have some kind of resentment for them, and it was great to hear an officer’s perspective first-hand. Continue reading

Our Hero – Hardin #15

As most of you know – our own Jessica Hardin is walking on to the UK Women’s Basketball team.

She has been working hard to get in shape and is pretty excited about the whole event. I have sent coach Matthew Mitchell a letter describing how hard she is working – from 6 AM for morning workouts to 9-4 at our office, then back to the gym for more basketball! She has become a hero for our office – so I asked Coach Mitchell when we will be able to buy our Hardin #15 jerseys!! We are all very anxious.




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