Ralph Baze

Ralph Baze, then and now.

Male/White, 36-years-old at the time

Victims:  Sheriff Steve Bennett & Deputy Arthur Briscoe

Ralph Baze resided in Powell County, Kentucky.  He had been convicted twice of felonies and was wanted in Ohio for Assault of a Police Officer, Bail Jumping, Receiving Stolen Property, and Flagrant Nonsupport. On January 15, 1992, the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office in Toledo, Ohio, notified the Powell County authorities that they wished to extradite Baze on the felony counts. When Deputy Sheriff Arthur Briscoe arrived at Baze’s cabin to arrest him, Baze escaped through a trapdoor, retrieved his SKS assault rifle from behind the cabin, and fled into the woods. Deputy Briscoe left to recruit additional officers to assist in the arrest. He came back, followed by Sheriff Steve Bennett.

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Robert Keith Woodall

Robert Keith Woodall Then and Now

Male/White 24 years old at the time

Victim: Sarah Hansen

On January 25, 1997 Robert Keith Woodall abducted a popular 16-year-old, Sarah Hansen, from a local convenient store as she returned a rented movie in Muhlenburg County in 1997. Woodall took the victim from the parking lot to a wooded area where he raped her, beat her, and used a box-cutter knife to slash her throat. Woodall then dragged and discarded her body in the icy Luzerne Lake. Results of an autopsy revealed that water was found in Sarah Hansen’s lungs and reports that she died as a result of drowning.

Robert Keith Woodall was sentenced to death September 4, 1998 in Caldwell County for Capital Murder, Capital Kidnapping and First Degree Rape.

Gregory L. Wilson

Gregory L. Wilson Then and Now

Male/Black 31 years old at the time

Victim: Deborah Pooley

On May 29, 1987 Gregory L. Wilson kidnapped, robbed, raped and executed Deborah Pooley in Kenton County. After raping her, he strangled her to death despite her begging him not to kill her. The defendant went on a shopping spree with the victim’s credit cards. Her body was found weeks later near the Indiana-Illinois border. The date of her death had to be established by the extent of blowfly maggot development on her body.

Gregory L. Wilson previously served a prison sentence in Ohio on two counts of rape. He was sentenced to death October 31, 1988 in Kenton County for the kidnapping and murder of Deborah Pooley.

Mitchell Willoughby

Mitchell Willoughby Then and Now

Male/White 25 years old at the time

Victims: Jacqueline Greene, Joe Norman, Joey Durham

In Fayette County on January 13, 1983 Mitchell Willoughby, along with Leif Halvorsen, executed a teenage female,Jacqueline Greene, and two male victims, Joe Norman, and Joey Durham, inside a home they were remodeling. These killers shot the female eight times in the back of the head. They shot the younger male five times– in the back, the testicles, the right arm, the left leg, and the right temple. They shot the other male three times– in the back, the chest, and in the back of his neck. That night the killers attempted to dispose of the bodies by throwing them from the Brooklyn Bridge in Jessamine County, Kentucky.

Mitchell Willoughby was sentenced to death September 15, 1983 in Fayette County.

Karu Gene White


Karu Gene White Then and Now

Male/White 21 years old at the time

Victims: Charles Gross, Lula Gross, Sam Chaney

On February 12, 1979 Karu Gene White and two accomplices entered a Haddix, Kentucky store operated by two elderly men and an elderly woman. This killer beat Charles Gross, Lula Gross, and Sam Chaney, to death in the course of a robbery in Breathitt County. They were ages 74, 75, and 79. White and his accomplices took a billfold containing $7,000, coins, and a handgun. Due to the brutal nature of the fatal beatings, the victims had to be buried in body bags.

Karu Gene White was arrested on July 27, 1979. He was sentenced to death March 29, 1980 in Powell County for the murder of three Breathitt County residents.

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