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1. REWA ZAKHARIA passed the Kentucky Bar Examination. HOORAY.

2. Our “Super-nerds, Techno-Geeks” ANDREA WILLIAMS & ABIGAIL WATKINS are on the plane coming home from the Techno Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. We missed them this week.

3. Top Assistant & Super Star person LOU ANNA RED CORN is in Louisville presenting to a big-time conference on child sexual abuse, child porn, etc cases. She is very smart and knowledgeable about the prosecution of such cases. She makes us proud.

4. The rest of our CRACK TEAM is in court fighting crime.




Abigail Watkins Reporting From Super Nerd TechnoGeek Conference

photo training

The best one today was about digital forensics. We talked about cell phone data, social media, and surveillance video. Lots of people having similar issues to us with the different players for each video, etc. We’re done with sessions for the day now and headed to the ski resort soon! I’ll definitely send a few good pictures from there!!


Crime Fighters Attend Super Nerd Techno Conference


This morning we did a round robin type thing with everyone who is in attendance. As expected, there were lots of people who after I spoke about where we are with paperless, etc. were hopeful to talk to us more because we’re way ahead.

Also though, we’re learning from people who are ahead of us.

It’s a really good group.

Crime Fighters Attend Super Nerd Techno Conference


Abigail Watkins                  Andrea Williams


Our own “Techno -Geeks” Andrea Willliams and Abigail Watkins are attending NAJIS training conference (“Super -Nerd” techno conference) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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They are also providing up to date reports from the scene.

Utah 2Utah 3

Stay tuned Crime Fighters!

A Chat with New Prosecutor, Rewa Zakharia

By: Ashley Zepeda

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Rewa Zakharia


Ashley Zepeda


photo (5)

Rewa Zakharia is one of the newest attorneys to join the Fayette County Office of the Commonwealth Attorney. I was very excited to get the chance to speak with her after hearing that she was originally from Lebanon because I’m an International Studies major focusing on human rights and population movements in Africa and the Middle East.

Lebanon is located in West Asia, centered between Syria and Israel. Given it’s close proximity, I assumed that the current status of Lebanon would be very similar to that of Syria and many other Middle Eastern countries; that stigma that we who have grown up in Western culture too readily associate with political unrest, religious extremists, and a lack of women’s rights. That unwarranted stereotype however couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Rewa affectionately recalled the years she spent in Lebanon, telling me how beautiful the country was and how diverse the people were. Lebanon is actually a major tourist destination, regarded as “The Paris of the Middle East”. It is also very demographically different from most Middle Eastern countries. While Islam is the dominant religion there are a multitude of others, including Christianity, which accounts for 40% of the population.

Lebanon has been a feature in the news as of late, given its association with the Syrian Crisis, but that is hardly a representation of Lebanon as whole. Talking with Rewa helped me realize how inaccurate Western stereotypes can be as well as motivate me to learn more about current events to develop my own opinions rather than adopt whatever the media is portraying.




Our own Prosecutor, Aspen Carlisle tried a drug case yesterday and the jury convicted the defendant. Gave him 3 years. Good Job, Aspen.

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