NDAA Board Meeting
Part 3

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Anita Alvarez, Chicago (Cook County) State’s Attorney, Ray the D.A., AND Detective Jack DeDore – the Superstar Body Guard for Anita Alvarez

NDAA Board of Directors Meeting
Part 2

2.    “Intelligence Led Prosecution”

a.     Presenter:

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Cyrus Vance,
Manhattan D.A.

3.     “Collateral Consequences of Convictions”

a.     Presenters:

Steve Salzburg, Am. Bar Assn. Rep.

Charles Hynes, Am. Bar Assn. Rep.

Ann Swern, Amer. Bar Assn. Rep.

4.     “Women’s prosecution Section Meeting : The liaison between the NDAA and the NFL re domestic violence prevention issues.”

a.    Chaired by Jackie Lacey, D.A., Los Angeles, CA

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Jackie Lacey,
Los Angeles, CA

National District Attorneys Assoc.
Summer Board of Directors Meeting
Chicago, Illinois

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Ray the D.A. attended the NDAA board meeting in Chicago on July 18-19. Larson has served as the “State Director” representing Kentucky. He was then appointed as one of three “Directors-at-Large”. Then he was elected as a “Vice President” of NDAA.

“The meetings bring together some of the outstanding prosecutors in America, said Larson. “Over the years I have made many great friends. There is so much to learn from these outstanding prosecutors, who have dealt with the most perplexing issues facing communities across America.” 

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Formal presentations about

1.     “The Investigation and handling of Police involved shootings and use of force issues.”

a.     Presenters:

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Mike Freeman,

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.05.37 PM

Dan Conley,
Boston, Mass.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.05.56 PM

Sim Gill,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Crime Fighter’s New network Foreign Correspondent from West Africa is moving to England!


ALERT – Joy, Crime Fighter’s New network Foreign Correspondent from West Africa is moving to England! She is also expecting twins. As a result, she won’t be filing regular reports with us until both of those boys make an appearance.What a fine young woman Joy is, and her husband is a lucky guy.

“You’re looking at one happy mama! Got a miraculously good report at the doctors. These sweet boys are doing great and are looking better! We aren’t out of the woods yet, but will continue to pray for two chubby babies born full term. AND our visas finally came in. What a beautiful Monday. From Africa on to the United Kingdom!

After 16 Hours Of Deliberation
Jury Came Back With A Guilty Verdict

Chaz Black 2

Victim Chaz Black 16 years old


In March of 2012, Lexington police responded to a “shots fired” call at an apartment complex at Man O’ War and Palumbo drive.  Patrol officers discovered three victims suffering gunshot wounds, including one who did not survive.  Investigation led to the identification of the shooter as Deionta Hayes, 21, who told detectives that he was not present in the apartment during the shooting.

Hayes was arrested and charged with the murder of Chaz Black, who was 16 at the time, as well as assault and theft.  The case proceeded to trial in July of 2015.  The jury heard several days of testimony from people who were in the apartment during the shooting, first responders, investigators, and other witnesses.  Defense attorneys pointed out that there had been another gun in the apartment and argued that Hayes had acted in self-defense.

After approximately 16 hours of deliberation, the jury convicted Hayes of the murder of Chaz Black, assault for shooting the two other victims, and theft of the other gun from the apartment.  The jury next heard several hours of emotional testimony from both sides, including proof that Hayes had been on probation at the time of the shootings.  They deliberated for about three hours and recommended a total sentence of 35 years.

Hayes will be sentenced on August 28, 2015 and remains in custody at the Fayette County Detention Center.

Hayes mugshot

Defendant Deionta Hayes


Dan Laren                                 Prosecutor: David Startsman                                  RobW2


Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys Dan Laren, David Startsman and Detective Rob Wilson

From Miss to Mrs!


We had a wonderful Wedding shower for the bride to be Allison Beck and her fiance Matt Dudgeon today in the office! We are so happy for them and congratulate them on their new journey in life together as husband and wife!

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