Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office
Homicide Trial Calendar

Note: The charges listed below are solely the defendants’ primary charges
Supreme Court Rule 3.130(3.6)(b)(6) requires the following disclaimer:
“A charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.”
Date Defendant(s) Charge Judge Prosecutor(s)
08/07/17 Terry Lavaughn Farrell, Jr. 507.020 ~ MURDER Travis Brad Bryant and Andrea Mattingly Williams
08/14/17 Jermaine Maguise Anderson 507.020 ~ MURDER Scorsone Amanda Naish and Alexander Garcia
09/05/17 Travis Bredhold 507.020 ~ MURDER Scorsone Lou Anna Red Corn and Taylor Brown
10/02/17 Roman Gonzalez Jr., Justin Delone Smith,
and Efrain Diaz Jr.
507.020 ~ MURDER Scorsone Lou Anna Red Corn and Andrea Mattingly Williams
10/02/17 Michael B. Poe 507.040 ~ MANSLAUGHTER
Travis Lou Anna Red Corn, Michael Barnett,
and Katie Webster
10/12/17 Krystal Chaffins 507.040 ~ MANSLAUGHTER
Bunnell Brad Bryant
10/30/17 Trey Alexander Relford 507.020 ~ MURDER Bunnell Kathy Phillips and Paco Villalobos
11/01/17 Robert Guernsey, Trustin B. Jones 507.020 ~ MURDER Goodwine Andrea Mattingly Williams and Kimberly Baird
12/04/17 Vanessa Ann Napier 507.020 ~ MURDER Travis Traci Caneer and Rewa Zakharia
Trial Date
Quincinio Canada, Dawan Mulazim 507.020 ~ MURDER Goodwine Kimberly Baird, Aspen Roberts, and Katie Webster
Trial Date
Allen Charles William Burgess 507.020 ~ MURDER Ishmael Amanda Naish and Aaron Ann Cole

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