Internship Opportunities

The Office of the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney offers several internship opportunities for law students, undergraduate college students and selected high school students.

We have two goals for each of our internships. First, to provide every intern with the opportunity to observe, learn about and participate with prosecutors and victim’s advocates in Fayette County’s court system. Second, we expect interns to play an active role in our office during their internship.

We want our internships to be meaningful to participants. As such, we have high expectations of them and give them significant responsibilities. Our experience has been that interns respond positively and meet or exceed our expectations.

Intern News

Interns produce video reports of their activities while they are at the Office of the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney. Those video reports are posted to our office web site, They serve as a great source of information about our various internships for prospective interns.


Prosecutorial Externship for 3rd Year Law Students
University of Kentucky College of Law

Law students who have earned 60 credit hours are eligible to enroll in this externship through the University of Kentucky College of Law. Under the Kentucky Supreme Court’s limited practice rule, externs will be able to participate in criminal trials and hearings in Fayette Circuit Court under the supervision of an experienced prosecutor.

To participate, qualified law students should contact the UK College of Law Registrar for more information about enrolling in the externship.


Summer Prosecutorial Internship

This 10-week internship allows law students and selected undergraduate college students to work closely with prosecutors for the summer. Interns will experience first-hand the workings of the criminal justice system, from case preparation though trial. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to participate in activities including a police ride-a-long, jail and courthouse tours, the police firing range, spend a day with detectives as well as many other criminal justice activities associated with the prosecution of serious crimes in Lexington.

The summer of 2014 will mark our 14th year for this internship opportunity. Law students from law schools across the country have participated during that time. Our summer program usually begins approximately one week after the end of the University of Kentucky Spring semester and runs through the end of July. Interns’ work hours are from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM weekdays. This internship is unpaid.

We being taking resumes in November before the following Summer, and all positions are typically filled by February 1st.

To apply – Contact Aspen Carlisle,, at the Office of the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney, (859) 246-2060. You will be required to provide a cover letter and resume and participate in an interview.


Undergraduate Internships for ALL Majors

Area college students of various majors for whom law school is a possibility or not are provided an opportunity to get an up-close and real-life experience of what it takes to be a prosecutor. Interns will work closely with prosecutors and victim’s advocates as criminal cases proceed through the court system. They learn the behind the scenes work necessary to prosecute serious crimes in Fayette Circuit Court.

To apply – Those seeking course credit, contact your Department Intern Coordinator, and send a cover letter and resume to Ray Larson,, to schedule an interview. Others who do not wish to earn course credit should also send a cover letter and resume to Ray Larson at the above e-mail address to schedule an interview.


Undergraduate (BSW) & Graduate (MSW) Social Work Internships

Social Work interns work with our Director of Victim’s Services Mary Houlihan and our Victim’s Advocates to learn about the criminal justice system from the perspective of the crime victim. Interns will have the opportunity to be involved in every part of the court process and will learn how to assist victims in overcoming the emotional trauma and economic hardship caused by crime and criminals. The two main objectives of Victim’s Services are to reduce victim frustration by working to simplify the criminal justice process as well as offering comprehensive services to support the crime victim and/or their surviving family members.

The Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office can provide a unique practicum experience to both BSW and MSW candidates. The opportunities available here are limited only by the imagination and initiative of the student. Our agency has dynamic partnerships in the community and students will benefit from participation in those collaborations. Social Work students will encounter an exciting mix of both micro and macro social work practice through direct assistance and service provision to crime victims as well as participation in community collaboration and program development.

To apply – Verify that our internship will be accepted for credit by your school and send a cover letter and resume to Mary Houlihan,, to schedule an interview.

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