Police Shooting Range Was A Fun Final Fieldtrip

image5 (3)

Interns prepping for the live fire portion of their CCDW test.

By Drew Teague

On Friday we attended our final field trip of the internship and it was very exciting. Half of the interns partook in their concealed carry class earlier in the week and had their final instruction, then completed their live fire test.

While those interns completed their CCDW training, the rest of us got to be on the range and practice firing a couple of police weapons. Not only did we fire, but the officer taught us proper weapon safety, how the weapon actually worked, showed us the interior of the weapon, and about the safety’s of the weapon, even without an actual safety latch.

9mm Glock firing rangeWe first were shown a 9 mm Glock pistol that is general standard issue to the police. Having my CCDW already, I’ve shot weapons before, but never a police department gun. With my pistol being a much smaller, the officer had to show me how to properly hold the larger weapon, which was much different than I was use to. The few shots that I did not get center of the target, I forgot to grip it with the proper grip, showing that that truly matters.

ar15 shooting rangeNext we were able to shoot an AR-15. This is a big weapon, but does not have much kick when firing. It is a very easy weapon to shoot and even had an eyesight to use, but the shooter must realize that the eyesight is above the barrel, so the show will be lower, meaning you must aim slightly higher than what you wish to hit, so it will hit that mark. The weapon must be brought up to the face and rested on the shoulder and can fire many rounds before it needs to be reloaded. The weapon did have a safety on it, a small thumb latch that must be pushed down, to enable the trigger to be pulled. We all had fun shooting the AR-15 and I think it was an overwhelming favorite.

Lastly we were able to see an older police shotgun that they’ve slowly went away from. This weapon was very large and heavy, so it was extremely difficult for officers to have to carry around on their patrol. We ran out of time to shoot that weapon because of the others coming to do their CCDW live fire test, but it was nice to be able to see something officers use to have to use in their daily work life.

Finally the others came out and we were able to see them all pass. Afterwards, I was able to image2 (2)jump into the line and we all tried different weapons. I was able to try a smaller weapon that had a bit more kickback than the Glock earlier, but I was not a fan of the trigger.

Overall it was a hot day out at the range, but it was completely worth it to get another experience to learn more about the police department here in town and see how they work and what they work with. We’ve met officers and detectives, got to ride along around town with an officer, seen the canine unit, and now the firing range, which helps give us a full and completely picture of this vital agency of Lexington and how it meshes with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.


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