Ray’s Lifetime Achievement Award!

Ray the D.A. received a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s statewide prosecutors conference.

It was recommended that the Attorney General honor him for his cumulative service as a prosecutor and as one of the co-founders of the Unified Prosecutor System. The bill creating PAC and the Unified Prosecutor System was enacted in 1976, making 2016 the fortieth year anniversary of the law, but because of delayed effective dates, PAC was created effective 1977, and the UPS was created effective 1978. Ray’s service began as an assistant city attorney prosecutor in the old city police court system before the 1975 Judicial Amendment re-organized Kentucky’s court system.

After leaving the city attorney’s office, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Ray served as an Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Special Prosecutions Division, before and after PAC was created, and while the Director’s job also included overseeing the PAC Staff. He left the OAG to become the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney where he has continued to serve as a prosecutor for many years.

Ray has consistently been a leader within the UPS and the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association. For example, when the finances of the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association fell into disarray, Ray volunteered to serve as Treasurer and instituted financial reforms (with help from Gail Whitt) and has been re-elected every year since.

There are many, many other examples of Ray’s leadership apart from the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association, and our office is proud to have him.

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