Ronnie Lee Bowling

Ronnie L. Bowling, then and now.

Male/White, 20 years old at the time

Victims:  Marvin Hensley & Ronald Smith

In Laurel County in 1989, this killer, Ronnie L. Bowling, executed two service station attendants in separate robberies. He shot and killed a service station attendant during the early morning hours of January 20, 1989, shooting the victim six times in the head, chest and back. In the early morning hours of February 22, 1989, Bowling shot and killed a service station owner in the head and hand. Bowling was arrested after attempting to rob a third service station on February 25, 1989. Bowling entered the station and had a brief conversation with the owner. As he turned to leave, he pulled out a revolver and began shooting at the owner, who was able to avoid the gunfire.  The Kentucky State Police were notified and they followed Bowling for some thirty miles before he finally stopped and was arrested.

Additional facts about the case:
Aggravating circumstances which made this case eligible for the Death Penalty:  multiple murders and murders which occurred during the commission of a robbery.

Ronnie Lee Bowling was sentenced to death December 9, 1992.

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