Office Staff


  Gail Whitt was born and raised in Cleveland, Oh and moved to Kentucky to attend college at Eastern Kentucky University. After completing her studies with a major in Corrections, Gail began her professional career with the Kentucky Corrections Cabinet and worked in both prison and community settings. She was recruited by the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney in 1987 and served for the next 15 years as Victim Assistance Program Director for the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. The program was recognized as the first comprehensive prosecutor-based program in Kentucky and became the model program for Kentucky prosecutors.

  Christie Coffman is from Winder, GA, but has lived in Lexington for most of her life. She is a graduate of Lafayette High School and has worked in the court system since 2005. Christie joined our team in 2013 and is currently our Discovery Administrator.

  Morgan Tackett is originally from Florida, but she has lived in Lexington since she was a young child. Morgan received her Associates of Science Degree in 2014 from Sullivan University, and has worked in the court system since 2008, joining our team in 2015. Morgan is currently our Grand Jury Coordinator/Office Administrator. She schedules all cases for Grand jury. She also prepares all travel and handles all the billing for the office as well.

  Chris Mattingly was born and raised in Lebanon, Ky and moved to Lexington in 2016 to receive an Associate’s of Applied Science from Bluegrass Community Technical College. Chris currently serves as the Technology Manager. Chris’ role at our office is to assist staff with technology related issues, manage equipment, operate the security system, and to assist the support staff. Chris joined our office in January 2019.

  Alexandra Rojas-Griffin was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a daughter of immigrants who came from Mexico City, Mexico in search of a better life for themselves and their family. Alexandra has participated and volunteered at the Latino and Leadership College Experience where students from sophomore-senior year of high school in the central KY area get to spend a week at BCTC to experience what college life is like, apply for scholarships and help them with a career path. Alexandra has worked in the court system since 2019. Prior to coming to our office, she worked as a deputy clerk at the Fayette County Circuit Criminal Division to the Circuit Court Judges. Alexandra joined our team in March 2022 as Support Staff.

  Jeimarie Morales is from Fort Knox, Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2022 with a bachelors degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. While at the University of Kentucky she was a member of the International Village, Student Activities board, and was a Resident Advisor. Jeimarie joined our team in June 2022 as support staff and is currently the Felony Case Director. She helps the office by reviewing reports of crimes that were waived up from the County Attorney and assigning a prosecutor and advocate to the case, ordering priors, filing and keeping court documents up to date, and assisting attorneys with note taking when attending court.
Keri Silva

  Keri Silva is from Versailles, KY but has lived in places such as California and New York before eventually settling back here in Lexington. Having been a survivor of domestic abuse, Keri has a soft spot for children in need and has been a foster parent for the past 3 years to be able to help kids in need like she had once been. Keri has a degree in Paralegal Studies and has been a Paralegal for several years working in mainly civil litigation before coming to us to work as one of our very first Paralegals.
Beth Brown

  Elizabeth Brown grew up in Richmond and currently lives in Lexington after spending several years in South Carolina. She earned her Paralegal Certification from Eastern Kentucky University and has worked as Paralegal since 2015 in civil practice. She joined the Commonwealth’s Office as a Paralegal in May 2023 and serves the office by assisting the attorneys in their day to day casework.
Susan Puckett

  Susan Puckett is originally from Midway, KY but has lived in Lexington since 1999. She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with Honors and a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Susan joined the Commonwealth team as support staff in May 2023 and is currently responsible for the creation and distribution of all criminal trial and hearing subpoenas, attending criminal court dockets weekly, checking the before and after court dockets as well as assisting with filing pleadings. When not working, Susan enjoys being outside in nature with friends, family and her pup, Lukah.
Morgan Lunsford

  Morgan Lunsford was born and raised in Wilmore, Kentucky. Morgan graduated from West Jessamine in Nicholasville, Kentucky and moved to Lexington where she currently resides. Morgan’s responsibilities to the office include answering phone calls, organizing closed cases, courtroom data entry, and preparing subpoenas.
Tasha Mirilovich

  Tasha Mirilovich is a long-time resident of Kentucky, having relocated from Miami, Florida, over 25 years ago. She graduated from Woodford County High School in 1991 and pursued higher education at Morehead State University. In her professional capacity, Tasha undertakes various tasks within the office, such as responding to phone calls, managing closed cases, inputting data into courtroom systems, and attending court hearings. Outside of her professional commitments, Tasha finds enjoyment in outdoor activities, particularly spending time at the lake. Additionally, she has a passion for tailgating during University of Kentucky football games.

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