The Who, the What, and the How of Lexington’s 2012 Homicides!

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Probably the topic we are most asked about involve homicides which occur in our city. People seem to want to know the facts about them. Each year we collect data about them to share with our fellow Crime-Fighters. 

In 2012 – 14 homicides occurred in our city. Compare that with cities, which are around us.

Nashville had 60 murders in 2012; Louisville had 69; Indianapolis saw 112 murders occur in their city and Cincinnati had 53 homicides.

So what are the specifics about the 14 murders which occurred in Lexington?

First let’s talk about the victims.

Victim Gender

12 of the homicide victims were male and 2 were female.

Victim Race 2

3 of the victims, or 21 percent were white.

8, or 57 percent of the 2012 homicide victims were black.

The other 3 victims, 21 percent were Hispanic.

Now, what about the people charged with committing these 14 homicides in Lexington?

The defendants.

The majority of these alleged killers were between 15 and 30 years of age.

Def. Gender

17 were male and 1 was female.

Defendant Race 2

2 of these defendants were white. 13 were black, and 3 were Hispanic.

That breaks down to 14 percent of defendants charged with a homicide in Lexington during 2012 are white; 64 percent of the alleged killers are black and the remaining 21 percent are Hispanic.

Weapon 2

The murder weapon was a gun in 11 of the 14 homicides; that’s 78 percent of the homicides;2 others or 14 percent used a knife and 1 killing was as a result of blunt force trauma. 

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