Thomas Clyde Bowling
Lexington Death Row Inmate Thomas Bowling will be removed from “Killers on Kentucky’s Death Row”. Bowling died while residing on Kentucky’s Death Row. His appeal was allowed to drag on for 23 years!


Thomas Clyde Bowling, then and now.

Male/White, 37-years-old at the time

Victims:  Tina and Eddie Earley, 2-year-old son shot but survived

In Fayette County in 1990, this killer, Thomas Clyde Bowling, caused his vehicle to collide with a vehicle occupied by Tina and Eddie Earley and their two-year-old son while they were parked in front of their small dry cleaning business.  Bowling exited his vehicle, approached the Earley’s vehicle, and intentionally fired gunshots at them at point-blank range, killing Tina and Eddie Earley and wounding their child.  Bowling then returned to his car but walked back to the Earley’s car to make sure they were dead, and then drove away.

Additional facts about the case:
Aggravating circumstance which made this case eligible for the Death Penalty:  multiple murders.

Was previously scheduled to be executed in 2004.

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