Donald Johnson


Donald Johnson Then and Now.

Male/White 22 years old at the time.

Victim: Helen Madden

Donald Johnson stabbed 61-year old Helen Madden 24 times in Floyd County in 1981. Before killing the victim, the killer mutilated her vagina and rectum with a ball point pen, bit her several times, and then disemboweled her with a knife.

This killer was arrested on December 1, 1989 and charged with murder, robbery and burglary. The charge of 1st Degree Sexual Assault was added later.

Donald Johnson was sentenced to death October 1, 1997.

James Hunt


James Hunt Then and Now

Male/White 56 years old at the time

Victim: Bettina Hunt

James Hunt shot his estranged wife Bettina Hunt in Floyd County November 30, 2004. When the officers arrived at the scene, they found the body of Bettina Hunt with bullet wounds to her arms, cheek area, face, and a wound between the bridge of her nose and left eye. The victim’s infant granddaughter was also in the home. The victim was pronounced dead at the residence. Troopers were advised that the victim’s estranged husband was involved in a one-vehicle accident approximately 200 feet from the residence. Upon further investigation and collection of evidence, James Hunt was lodged in the Floyd County Detention Center, charged with Murder.

Trial began on May 15,2006. The jury returned a verdict of Guilty to Murder, Burglary, Burglary 1st Degree, and Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree. Hunt was sentenced to Death on the Murder charge on July 28, 2006. Hunt consented to allow the court to sentence him on the remaining charges.

Benny Lee Hodge


Benny Lee Hodge Then and Now

Male/White 34 years old at the time

Victims: Tammy Acker, Roscoe J. Acker (strangled but survived), Bessie Morris, Edwin Morris

Case #1: On August 8, 1985 Benny Hodge, along with Roger Epperson, stabbed Tammy Acker 12 times with a butcher knife during a robbery at her father’s home in Letcher County. The victim’s body was found with the butcher knife stuck through her chest and imbedded in the floor. Also her father, Roscoe J. Acker, was strangled with an electric cord but he survived.

Case #2: This killer was arrested in Florida. Hodge murdered Bessie Morris and Edwin Morris during a robbery in their home in Jackson County on August 15, 1985. Mr. and Mrs. Morris were found with their hands and feet tied behind them. Mrs. Morris was shot twice in the back. Mr. Morris died as a result of a gunshot wound to his head, two blunt force head injuries and obstructed breathing caused by a ligature gag.

Benny Lee Hodge was sentenced to death June 20, 1986. He received a second death sentence on November 22,1996.

Leif Halvorsen



Leif Halvorsen Then and Now

Male/White, 29 years old at the time

Victims: Jacqueline Greene, Joe Norman, Joey Durham

On January 13, 1983 in Fayette County Leif Halvorsen, along with Mitchell Willoughby, executed a Jacqueline Green, Joe Norman, and Joey Durham. The teenage female and two male victims were killed inside a home they were remodeling. These killers shot the female eight times in the back of the head. They shot the younger male five times — in the back, testicles, right arm, left leg, and right temple. They shot the other male three times — in the back, in the chest, and in the back of his neck.

Leif Halvorsen was sentenced to death September 15, 1983.

Randy Haight


Randy Haight Then and Now

Male/White, 33 years old at the time

Victims: Patricia Vance, David Omer

Randy Haight escaped from the Johnson County Jail August 18, 1985 with his girlfriend and another male inmate. He was there while awaiting trials in three counties. He stole guns and several cars; shot at a KY. State Police Trooper and caused another police officer’s death in a gunfight. He executed a young couple while they were inside their car. He shot the man in the face, chest, shoulder, and back of the head and shot the woman in the shoulder, temple, the back of the head, and through the eye. He spent all but two of his 15 adult years in four Ohio, three Virginia, and four Kentucky prisons.

Randy Height was sentenced to death March 22, 1994 for the murder of Patricia Vance and David Omer on August 22, 1985.

Johnathan Wayne Goforth


Johnathan Wayne Goforth Then and Now

Male/White, 39 years old at the time

Victim: Lonetta White

On March 15, 1998, Johnathan Wayne Goforth and his accomplice, Virginia Caudill, entered the home of 73 year oldLonetta White and beat her to death. Her skull was shattered. After killing her, they burglarized her home. They then placed her body in the trunk of her own car and drove her to a rural area in Fayette County and set the car on fire. The victim was burned so badly that she could not be recognized. 

Johnathan Wayne Goforth was sentenced to death March 24, 2000.

John Roscoe Garland


John Roscoe Garland Then and Now.

Male/White, 54 years old at the time

Victims:  Willa Jean Ferrier, Crystal Conaster, Chris Boswell 

On March 9, 1997 John Roscoe Garland murdered three people in McCreary County. Garland had been in a relationship with 26-year old Willa Jean Ferrier. He suspected she was pregnant by another man. Garland, along with his son Roscoe, went to the mobile home where his former girlfriend was with two friends, a man and a woman, and shot all three to death. Garland’s son was the key witness at the trial, but Garland claimed his son was lying and that the murder weapon belonged to his son.

Garland was sentenced to Death on February 15, 1999.

Fred Furnish


Fred Furnish, then and now.

Male/White, 30 years old at the time

Victim: Ramona Jean Williamson

On June 25, 1998 Fred Furnish murdered 66-year-old Ramona Jean Williamson in Kenton County in 1998 by strangling her. The victim was found by her housekeeper immersed in the water in her bathtub.  Furnish stole her bank account number and debit cards and then used them to withdraw money to throw a party for his friends.

Furnish was sentenced to Death on July, 8 1999. In 2002, the Kentucky Supreme Court reversed his sentence because the jury wasn’t told to consider a sentence of life without the possibility of parole, which the Kentucky General Assembly had authorized after the crime but before the conviction. In 2004, a second jury agreed Furnish should be sentenced to death.

Robert Foley

Robert Foley

Robert Foley, then and now.

Male/White, 33 years old at the time

Victims:  Rodney Vaughn, Lynn Vaughn, Kimberly Bowersock, Calvin Reynolds, Lillian Contino, Jerry McMillan

Case #1:  In 1991, in Laurel County, Kentucky, Robert Foley shot and killed brothers Rodney and Lynn Vaughn in Foley’s home. Ten other adults were at the home, along with five children. Other male guests had checked their pistols in the kitchen cabinet, but Foley kept his .38 colt snub-nose revolver concealed in the small of his back, under his belt and shirt. The first victim consumed enough alcohol to become belligerent and two fights erupted between Foley and the first victim. Foley admits that he started the first fight and later in the evening shot and killed the first victim.

The deceased received multiple gunshot wounds to the left arm and body which resulted in hemorrhaging and death. Shortly thereafter, the second victim was killed at a time when only Foley, the victim and another man remained inside the house. The victim died as a result of multiple penetrating and perforating gunshot wounds to the head and extremities. After the killings, Foley, and three other individuals dumped the bodies into a creek in Laurel County. Foley was sentenced to Death on September 2, 1993 in Laurel County.

Case #2:  In 1989, in Laurel County, Kentucky, Robert Foley shot and killed Kimberly BowersockCalvin ReynoldsLillian Contino and Jerry McMillan. All four drove from Ohio to Laurel County. Foley became aware that Bowersock was in the area. He was angry because he believed that Bowersock had informed his parole officer that Foley was selling drugs. Foley found Bowersock and immediately grabbed her by the hair. When Reynolds came to her assistance, Foley pulled his pistol and shot Reynolds, then Bowersock, then Contino, then McMillan.  He returned to Bowersock and shot her again in the back of the head. He took the victims’ valuables, placed their bodies in a septic tank, and then covered them with lime and cement. The bodies were found two years later. Foley was sentenced to Death on April 27, 1994, in Madison County, Kentucky, following a change of venue.

Additional facts about the case:
Aggravating circumstance which made this case eligible for the Death Penalty:  An intentional murder of more than one person.

Samuel Steven Fields


Samuel Steven Fields, Then & Now

Male/White, 21 years old at the time

Victim:  Bess Horton

During the early morning hours of August 19, 1993, in Carter County, Samuel Fields entered the home of 84-year-old Bess Horton through a back window.  He stabbed her in the head and slashed her throat.  She died as a result of multiple sharp force injuries of the head and neck.  The large knife used to slash her throat was found protruding from her right temple.Fields was tried and sentenced to death in 1997.  That death sentence was reversed for retrial and, in January 2004, he was re-sentenced to death.

Additional facts about the case:
Aggravating circumstance which made this case eligible for the Death Penalty:  A murder which occurs during the commission of the following crime: Burglary First Degree.

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