Gregory L. Wilson

Gregory L. Wilson Then and Now

Male/Black 31 years old at the time

Victim: Deborah Pooley

On May 29, 1987 Gregory L. Wilson kidnapped, robbed, raped and executed Deborah Pooley in Kenton County. After raping her, he strangled her to death despite her begging him not to kill her. The defendant went on a shopping spree with the victim’s credit cards. Her body was found weeks later near the Indiana-Illinois border. The date of her death had to be established by the extent of blowfly maggot development on her body.

Gregory L. Wilson previously served a prison sentence in Ohio on two counts of rape. He was sentenced to death October 31, 1988 in Kenton County for the kidnapping and murder of Deborah Pooley.

Mitchell Willoughby

Mitchell Willoughby Then and Now

Male/White 25 years old at the time

Victims: Jacqueline Greene, Joe Norman, Joey Durham

In Fayette County on January 13, 1983 Mitchell Willoughby, along with Leif Halvorsen, executed a teenage female,Jacqueline Greene, and two male victims, Joe Norman, and Joey Durham, inside a home they were remodeling. These killers shot the female eight times in the back of the head. They shot the younger male five times– in the back, the testicles, the right arm, the left leg, and the right temple. They shot the other male three times– in the back, the chest, and in the back of his neck. That night the killers attempted to dispose of the bodies by throwing them from the Brooklyn Bridge in Jessamine County, Kentucky.

Mitchell Willoughby was sentenced to death September 15, 1983 in Fayette County.

Karu Gene White


Karu Gene White Then and Now

Male/White 21 years old at the time

Victims: Charles Gross, Lula Gross, Sam Chaney

On February 12, 1979 Karu Gene White and two accomplices entered a Haddix, Kentucky store operated by two elderly men and an elderly woman. This killer beat Charles Gross, Lula Gross, and Sam Chaney, to death in the course of a robbery in Breathitt County. They were ages 74, 75, and 79. White and his accomplices took a billfold containing $7,000, coins, and a handgun. Due to the brutal nature of the fatal beatings, the victims had to be buried in body bags.

Karu Gene White was arrested on July 27, 1979. He was sentenced to death March 29, 1980 in Powell County for the murder of three Breathitt County residents.

Roger Wheeler


Roger Wheeler Then and Now

Male/Black 36 years old at the time

Victims: Nigel Malone, Nairobi Warfield

In Jefferson County, in 1997, while on parole for 10 counts of Robbery, Roger Wheeler stabbed the victim Nigel Malonenine times and left him to bleed to death. This killer strangled and stabbed the victim Nairobi Warfield, who was three months pregnant, with scissors which he left embedded in her neck.

William Eugene Thompson


William Eugene Thompson Then and Now

Male/White 35 years old at the time

Victim: Fred Cash

William Eugene Thompson was serving a life sentence for a murder for hire in Pike County. While serving that sentence in 1986 at the Western Kentucky Farm Center in Graves County, he reported for prisoner work detail. While on work detail on May 9, 1986, he took a hammer and hit a Fred Cash, a prison guard, 12 times in the head, killing him. After killing the guard, he took the victim’s body to a nearby barn where he took the victim’s wallet, keys, and knife. He then drove the prison van to a bus station to try and escape.

Police arrested Thompson in a bus station on his way to Indiana. Thompson was convicted and sentenced to death in October 1986 in Lyon County, but seven years later the state Supreme Court threw out the conviction and ordered a new trial. Thompson also won a change of venue from Lyon County to Graves County. Thompson entered a plea of guilty on January 12, 1995 to the following charges: Capital Murder, Robbery in the First Degree, and Escape in the First Degree. Thompson was sentenced to death March 18, 1998.

Victor D. Taylor

Victor D. Taylor Then and Now

Male/Black 24 years old at the time

Victims: Scott Nelson, Richard Stephenson

On September 29, 1984 Victor D. Taylor kidnapped, robbed, bound, gagged and executed Scott Nelson and Richard Stephenson,two high school students who became lost on their way to a football game, in Lousiville, Kentucky. The killer sodomized one of the victims before executing him. Taylor told four people he had killed the victims. The personal property of the victims was found in his possession.

Victor D. Taylor was arrested on October 4, 1984 and was sentenced to death May 23, 1986.

Vincent Stopher


Vincent Stopher Then and Now

Male/White 24 years old at the time

Victim: Deputy Gregory Hans

On March 10, 1997 Vincent Stopher was assaulting a man in Jefferson County when Deputy Gregory Hans pulled over to assist the assault victim. While Hans was exiting his vehicle, Stopher struggled with the deputy, taking his gun. Stopher then used the deputy’s gun to shoot him in the face, killing him.

Vincent Stopher was sentenced to death March 23, 1998 in Jefferson County.

Michael St. Clair


Michael St. Clair Then and Now

Male/White 34 years old at the time

Victim: Frances C. Bradey

Michael St. Clair escaped from an Oklahoma jail where he was awaiting trial for two murder charges. He carjacked a man in Colorado for his truck and then shot the man. He then traveled to a Bullitt County rest-stop on October 6, 1991, where he carjacked Frances C. Brady. He took Brady to an isolated area where he handcuffed him and then shot him twice, killing him. He then returned to the rest-stop where he burned Brady’s car and shot at a state policeman while being apprehended.

Michael St. Clair was sentenced to death September 14, 1998 for murder in Bullitt County. On February 20, 2001, St. Clair received a second death sentence in Hardin County for the capital kidnapping charge. The Bullitt County death sentence for murder was reversed and remanded to conduct a new capital sentencing phase due to the trial courts instruction erroneously failed to permit the jury to consider a sentence of life without the possibility of probation or parole. However, in 2005 a new Bullitt County jury again sentenced St. Clair to death. In Octboer 2005, the Hardin County death sentence for capital kidnapping was reversed and remanded due to various trial errors.

David Lee Sanders

David Lee Sanders

David Sanders Then and Now

Male/White 27 years old at the time

Victims: Jim Brandenburg, Wayne Hatch

On January 28,1987 David Lee Sanders executed Jim Brandenburg and Wayne Hatch by shooting them in the back of the head during a grocery store robbery in Madison County. One victim died almost instantly, the other died two days later. The killer confessed to these crimes and to the attempted execution of another grocery storekeeper one month earlier in which the victim survived a gunshot to the back of his head.

David Lee Sanders was sentenced to death June 5, 1987.

Parramore Sanborn

Parramore Sanborn Then and Now

Male/White 38 at the time

Victim: Barbara Heilman

On October 12, 1983 Parramore Sanborn kidnapped, raped, sodomized, and murdered Barbara Heilman, a mother of three, in Henry County. He tore the victim’s hair, stabbed her nine times, and dumped her body alongside a country road.

Sanborn was originally tried and found guilty of capital murder on March 8, 1984. The court imposed the death sentence on March 16, 1984. The Kentucky Supreme Court’s reversal of Sanborn’s conviction in June, 1988 resulted in a new trial in October, 1989. Sanborn was again found guilty of murder, kidnapping, rape and sodomy in a retrial in Louisville Kentucky and sentenced to death May 14, 1991 in Henry County.

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