B89MdVFIMAARvfyWhile Barack Obama, surrounded with the world’s best security detail, opens the prison gates to hundreds of dealers in hard drugs — dozens with firearms convictions as well — citizens living in less secure circumstances suffer.

Does his Administration care?

His US Attorney for the District of Columbia managed to yawn out this statement:

Unfortunately, no system is perfect, and in those isolated instances in which problems are identified, we work with our law enforcement partners to address them moving forward.

Excuse my Latin, but that is unadulterated horse manure. He might as well have said, “What, me worry?”

The liberal police chief in DC recently resigned, in significant part because she had seen enough mindless leniency.

The problem is not over-incarceration, despite the insistence of the pro-criminal crowd currently running DOJ. The problem, which they would see under their noses if they cared enough to look, is the opposite.

  (Posted by Bill Otis)

Lexington Police Department Awards Banquet


Each year we at the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office try to recognize either a police officer or unit of the police department which exemplifies excellence in law enforcement and service to the citizens of our city.

This year we are honoring The Residential Burglary Unit.

Untitled 13173657_10154035370186399_5193245788829037623_n

In 2015 this group was assigned over 4,100 cases,
and had a clearance rate of 17 %, which is significantly higher than the national clearance rate for burglaries.

No matter how many cases are assigned, to each burglary victim, to them their case is the ONLY case. Their sense of security was violated by the burglar and the victims are seldom if ever the same.  These Detectives are their only hope. And they work extremely hard to try to solve each one.


Criminologists report that burglars and other property criminals are by far the most prolific and predatory repeat offenders. Their research indicates that each one of these outlaws commit between 150-200 burglaries in their low-life careers.

Far too often these hoodlums are arrested by police, convicted by prosecutors and released back onto our streets to do what they do best — commit crimes, be re-arrested, re-convicted and re-released.

Just think how many crimes we could prevent if these prolific, predatory scoundrels were required to remain in custody for their entire sentences.

Thank you to our Residential Burglary Unit.

Keep up the good work!

You make us proud.



Violent Crimes Task Force

Overview: The Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) was formed in October of 2015 in response to a growing number of criminal complaints reported in Lexington that could be traced to suspected gang activity. Many of these reports were “shots fired”, but also included robberies and narcotics activity.

VCTF is a group that includes police, Probation/Parole, Corrections, school police, the Sheriff’s office, and the County and Commonwealth attorneys’ offices. The group meets every two weeks and the goal is to share information and reduce the amount of criminal activity committed by gang members in Fayette County.

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The Statistics Don’t Lie

1 picture is worth 1,000,000 words.

When the incarceration rate goes up ↑
the crime rate goes down ↓

Just take a look!

chart copy





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