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As usual, Repeat felony offenders continue to a a major problem in Lexington. These characters are prinarliy property criminals, like burglars, thieves, or people who steal or break into our cars. Unfortunately, thanks to Kentucky’s criminal friendly laws, they are also almost always probated and put right back on our streets. And then guess what they do – They commit more crimes, get RE-arrested by the police, RE-prosecuted by our prosecutors then RE-probated again.

It is the Repeat Felony Offender Merry-Go-Round.

All we have to do is look at the Repeat Felony Offender Report from just last week.

8 of these scoundrels were arrested. As a group, they had 157 prior criminal convictions. THAT’S A WHOPPING AVERAGE OF 19.6 PRIOR CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS EACH.

That’s really disgusting and just think, Crime-Fighters, these folks were still on our streets.

It looks like Hawaii has the right idea in dealing with these repeat felony outlaws.

Maybe Hawaii does have the right idea about how to deal with repeat property offenders. 

A proposed law would Put Habitual Property Criminals Behind Bars.

A Hawaii lawmaker is seeking to crack down on the state’s repeat burglars by requiring that these repeat offenders be put behind bars instead of being placed on probation. It would eliminate probation as a sentencing option for anyone convicted of three or more burglaries within five years and require a judge to sentence the individual to serve up to five years behind bars.

Murder Defendant who killed the father of his girlfriend here in Lexington, was sentenced to Life Without Parole for 25 years. Edgar Vieyra was sentenced by Judge Kim Bunnell. In addition to murder, Vieyra plead guilty to Assault 1st Degree and Burglary 1st Degree. Ray Larson and Lou Anna Red Corn were the prosecutors in this case.

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“Ban the Box” That’s what a group of convicted felons in Louisville is trying to accomplish.

What is “Ban the Box?”

It’s that question on most employment applications that asks applicants if they “have ever been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than a traffic violation? Check the box, Yes or No.

A group in Louisville wants the city of Louisville to ban that question from city job application forms, BUT they also want to ban the box fromthe job application forms of all of the 26,000 businesses which do business with the city.

Some Louisville City Council members object saying “When government starts telling you what to put in your applications – - what’s next?”

The Lexington Police Department recently created its “Cyber-, Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force.” That Task Force has been busy looking for cyber-crime which victimizes our citizens.

What is cyber-crime? It can include possession or distribution of child pornography; Hands-on sex crimes involving children; cyber-bullying; chat-room conversations in which adults seek to have sex with juveniles.

Our police department is wise to create this Task Force, and we commend them. Keep it up.

Do we really want to reduce crime? It sure doesn’t seem like it these days. Some folks who know what works have spoken out about how to reduce crime. And we would be wise to heed their advice.

Rob Fernandez, the head of the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force says it pretty well. “There’s no better way to lower the crime rate than to get the people who are always committing the crimes of the street.”

In Lexington, those are the repeat felony offenders who commit crime after crime and continue to get probated.

Then there was Fred Goldman who is the father of Ron Goldman who, along with Nicole Simpson, was a murder victim of O.J. Simpson. He said “If you want to reduce crime, make the criminals serve their sentences, the entire sentence.”

We agree.

Finally, Several significant cases are scheduled to be finally sentenced today in Fayette Circuit Court. We will report on them after these defendants have been sentenced.

Thank you for joining us today on Sunrise News & Comment.

Please come back on Monday.

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MURDER, that’s the verdict of a Fayette County jury in the 3 day Murder trial of Terrance Sims which wound up late last night. They also recommended a sentence of 35 years in prison for the killer.

Sims was charged with murdering Stephen Kavanaugh by shooting him in June, 2010. He was apprehended in Detroit after a DNA matched his blood found at the scene of the murder. He was brought back to Lexington to face trial which began last Monday.

Dan Laren and Aspen Carlisle prosecuted this case and devoted untold hours preparing for trial. Mary Houlihan, Director of our Victims Services Division, worked closely with the family of Mr. Kavanaugh throughout the trial and before. Thanks to all of them for their dedication to the safety and security of our citizens.


Since the beginning of 2014, a whopping 62% of Convicted Criminals Have Been Probated in Fayette Circuit Court.
NOT ONLY THAT. During the first 2 months of 2014, 58% of probationers who were brought back to Fayette Circuit Court for violating the term of their probation, were been RE-PROBATED!


USA TODAY reports that tens of thousands of felony suspects can escape justice simply by crossing a state border because police and prosecutors have decided not to pursue them once they leave the state, according to USA Today.

That’s not the case here in Fayette County – The Fayette County Sheriff goes after these absconders who have run to other states and brings them back to face trial. And that’s the way we like it.

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Our own prosecutor, Allison Eastland, walloped Jorge Garcia Hernandez in a jury trial yesterday. Hernandez was indicted by the Fayette County Grand Jury for Trafficking more than 5 lbs of marijuana (119 lbs actually) and with a firearm.

The jury listened to all of the evidence then took around 30 minutes to return a guilty verdict. After the penalty phase of the trial they recommended a 15 year sentence for this outlaw.
Good work by Allison Eastland. She works hard and makes us all proud.

The Terrance Sims murder trial will continue today for its 3rd day of trial.

Lots of hard work by both prosecutors, police and victims advocates go into the preparation for a trial. We are proud of Dan Larson, Aspen Carlisle and Mary Houlihan for all of their efforts to seek justice in our city.

Death Row News:

There are presently 5 murderers on Kentucky’s Death Row who were convicted and sentenced to death right here in Fayette Circuit Court.

Ray will introduce you to some of the Death Row killers every week.

Office News:

We at the Office of the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney always make a big-big deal out of our employees’ birthdays.

Allison Beck, our Felony Case Coordinator, was surprised by the arrival of flowers from her boyfriend and lunch with many of her fellow employees as well as her guy.

And, of course it would not be a birthday here with the humiliation of a photo with our “Birthday Hat.”

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