Police Under Fire

Ray 2Sometime we forget just how dangerous the job of our police is! Take a minute to thank them when you see them on the street.






The Number of Repeat Felony Offenders Indicted by the Grand Jury so far in 2014.


The Total Number of Prior Criminal Convictions Committed by These Repeat Offenders.


The Average Number of Convictions for each Repeat Offender.

With a Criminal Record Like That, These Offenders Should Have Been in Custody. BUT THEY WEREN’T! They Were Still on our Streets!




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The Unintended Consequences of Kentucky’s Criminal-Friendly House Bill 463 “Catch & Release” Should Be For Fish Not Felons

“It costs too much to incarcerate criminals. We must release them from prison” That was the chant of Kentucky Legislators, law school professors, criminal defense lawyers, and anti-punishment, liberal think-tanks in Washington, D.C. leading up to the 2011 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly

And in that Legislative Session, and over the protests of prosecutors and police, the criminal-friendly House Bill 463 was passed by a nearly unanimous Legislature. The goal of that law was to significantly reduce the numbers of incarcerated criminals in our prisons and jails.

“Let prison inmates out early, or don’t send them in the first place,” was the clear intent of House Bill 463. Criminal defense lawyer honored the authors of this criminal-friendly law as “Heroes.” The criminals themselves loved it. And why shouldn’t they love it, it kept them out of prison and on our streets.

As usual Kentucky’s prosecutors and police and crime victims must deal with the many, unintended consequences of this of the criminal-friendly law passed by our Legislature almost unanimously.

The WINNERS under HB 463 ?

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Ray the DA

Over the weekend, I ran into a friend who lives in the Winburn neighborhood. He said he went to the store on 3rd & Race streets and ran into a friend.
His friend knew that he and Ray the D.A. are friends and we talk, and further that his feelings would get back to me. THEY DID..

The man was angry. His anger was directed at me because so many young criminals, who commit crimes do not go to jail, but are released and put right back on our streets.
Those young criminals raise all sorts of havoc in many of our neighborhoods, but IT DOES seem like nothing is being done to stop them

Those criminals are:
1. Arrested by the police.
2. Convicted of a crime.
3. WHEW! They think. We are going to finally feel safer.There is a sense of relief in that neighborhood that these young urban terrorists are finally incarcerated, and they will feel safe in their own homes.
4. WRONG! because 62% of these hoodlums are PROBATED by a judge and pretty soon they are right back in that same neighborhood raising hell and scaring everyone again

I can understand the man’s anger. He is entitled to feel as safe in his neighborhood as most of the Judges feel in their neighborhoods.
People are feeling that there are no consequences for breaking the law. They are right, at least 62% of the time.


Ray 2

RAY the D.A. Says:
“Did you know that the prosecutors in our office have a combined total of 197 years of prosecutorial experience.
I am very proud of these outstanding lawyers who have chosen to fight for the safety of our citizens as prosecutors, often at the expense of making far less income than they could command in the private sector.
They needed to be recognized and thanked by me and the citizens of our community.”




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